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Adam’s Fun Facts: Longest Marriage, Tallest Mountain, Hippos & More

How long did the longest marriage last? Where is the tallest mountain in the solar system? Who has the best chance of playing in the NFL? All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts!

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harrison ford plane crash

The Inevitable Star Wars Related Tweets About Harrison Ford’s Plane Crash

When a legendary sci-fi hero survives a catastrophic event, the creativity of fanboys and fangals on Twitter ignites.


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Posting Negative Stuff On Twitter Could Slowly Be Killing You

If you’re on Twitter, do you use it for GOOD, like tweeting pictures of kittens? Or do you just use it to make fun of people? Well, if it’s the second one . . . it could be KILLING YOU.

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Taylor Swift Mashed Up

Watch this awesome mash up of Taylor Swifts ‘Style’ and ‘Blank Space’.

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Dana’s Dirt – Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Martin Call It Quits

Jennifer Lawrence has reportedly split from Chris Martin.

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Watch Colbie Caillat Perform ‘Smelly Cat’ At Central Perk!

Watch the songstress sing the ‘Friends’ favorite ‘Smelly Cat’ !

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Rumored ‘Sex And The City 3’ Movie?!

The ladies of the city have hinted at another movie!

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Fan Gets Help From One Direction For Awesome Proposal

One Direction happily helps a fan with his wedding proposal during their concert.

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Demi Lovato Talks Nick Jonas & “Avalanche,” A Return To Acting, And A Potential Drag Name

Prior to her Amway Center show I had the opportunity to chat with Demi Lovato about both her singing and acting careers, tattoos, and a possible drag name.


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Taylor Swift Pens Wall Street Journal Article About Music Industry “Decline”

In her article, she explains that she is an “enthusiastic optimist” and that she is just “one of the few living souls in the music industry who still believes that the music industry is not dying…it’s just coming alive.”