Scott McKenzie

Scott McKenzie

Scott McKenzie Update: Eye Of The Storm

The treatments are working well against my cancer, but right now I’m really enjoying just keeping an “eye" on it.


Blood Drive7(Photo by Carly McCarthy)

[PHOTOS] Blood Drive At The MIX 105.1 Studios!

Check out photos from the Blood Drive at the MIX 105.1 Studios with oneblood!


MIX - OneBlood side-by-bside DL

MIX 105.1 Blood Drive This Monday!

MIX 105.1 will hold a special blood drive with OneBlood, our local blood center, on Monday, July 14th.


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Scott McKenzie On FOX 35 News

When word got out that Scott McKenzie was returning to the air at MIX105.1, our friends at FOX 35 said. “We want to be there!” In case you missed the story last night on TV, here it is!


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Scott McKenzie Back On The Mic Wednesday Morning

Not just for an hour this time, but hopefully all morning every day starting tomorrow bright and early, 5:45am-10.



A Personal Note To All Listeners From Scott McKenzie

Know for now that I’m fine, my family and friends are amazing, my medical team is on the case, and I owe my wife a monster of a belated birthday gift.



Scott McKenzie And Jay Edwards: Office Odd Couple

Scott McKenzie and Jay Edwards share an office together, but their sense of tidiness couldn’t be any more different.


Scott And Jay Give You “Advice” On How To Become A Pyramid Champ

With the Pyramid’s winnings being at one of the highest levels in MIX 105.1 history, Scott McKenzie and Jay Edwards thought they would give you some advice on how to win the Pyramid.


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[VIDEO] James Blunt Talks British Invasion, Justin Bieber, Outrageous Tweets & More

Prior to his All Access Lounge performance at Full Sail Live, Scott McKenzie had a chance to sit backstage with James Blunt and shoot the breeze on topics ranging from the upcoming 50th anniversary of the British Invasion to Justin Bieber.


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Morning MIX Podcast: Memory Loss

The camera on your phone could me causing you to lose your memory! The Morning MIX has the results of a new study that might surprise you!