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Scott McKenzie

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2015 Golden Globe Awards Picks: Scott

2014 was a great year for films, but not a great year for me going to see them, so I’ve asked my wife to represent since she’s seen more than I have.



Scott McKenzie Update: Thanksgiving

Sharing 20 of the random and seemingly insignificant things that have made me happy and that I’m thankful for this year.



Scott McKenzie Update: My Cancer Story So Far

That’s my actual chart at my oncologist’s office. It’s my medical biography of the past six years.



Scott McKenzie Update: Back On The Air, Back Off The Hair

My chemo is still doing a number on my blood counts, so going in to work isn’t an option right now. But thanks to modern science, the radio station can come to me.



Scott McKenzie Update: 2 Steps Back

It’s been a running theme for several years on our morning show that I tend to have a female sensibility. And now I can add women’s intuition to that list when it comes to my battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.



Scott McKenzie Named One Of Central Florida’s Top Celebrities

We are excited to say that our very own Scott McKenzie was ranked among the top celebrities in Central Florida.



Scott McKenzie Update: Why I Started Today In Tears

With all the terrible news in the world right now, this will restore your faith in positivity, and in whose hands (and voices) we’re leaving the world to.


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Scott McKenzie Update: We’ve Found A Stem Cell Transplant Match!

I’ll fill you in soon on the timing and steps of my transplant, but I wanted to let you know about this great news right away.



Scott McKenzie Update: Change Of Plans

There’s a reason cancer isn’t called plan-cer.


Scott McKenzie

Scott McKenzie Update: The Sun Will Come Up To Marrow

That’s it. The honeymoon is over. Since June 25th, when I was able to shake the effects of my final round of chemo I’ve been in a holding pattern in my treatment for my third bout with non-Hodgkins lymphoma.




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