Power Out For Many Central Floridians For Days Maybe Weeks!Central Floridians who lost power when Hurricane Irma slammed into the region may be without electricity for days or even weeks, utility officials warned Monday.
Kid Smarts With Maya From Winter Springs! 08/24/2017Listen to Maya from Winter Springs on "Kid Smarts!"
Kid Smarts With Ria From Longwood! 08/23/2017Ria is in 4th grade and she was the star of Kid Smarts today on the Morning MIX! Have a listen...
Watch The School of Rock Create A Jingle For The Morning MIXCheck out this behind-the-scenes footage of the students at the School of Rock!
Kid Smarts With Kiaara From Oviedo! 07/18/2017Kiaara is going into 7th grade and she was the star of"Kid Smarts" today! Just wait until you hear how cute her geography answer is!
Kid Smarts Open House - July ScheduleThe Morning MIX would love to have your child be the star of "Kid Smarts!" Here's the taping schedule for July...
5 Ultimate Food Arguments!Quick answer: Do you eat mac-and-cheese with a fork or a spoon?   Find out which utensil  75 % of people polled said and the answer to 4 other HUGE food debates we have!
George and Amal Clooney Became Parents Yesterday!The worlds most beautiful twins were born yesterday to GEORGE and AMAL CLOONEY!!
Jay's Son And His Foot Injury In BarbadosCAUTION- The picture is pretty gross. If you have a weak stomach, you might not want to look.
Orlando To Be Permanent Location For American Idol Auditions!Get your voice ready and plan out your audition without having to pay for airfare and a hotel! ABC will save money by having a permanent place for their auditions: ORLANDO!
Roger Moore: Things You May Not Have Known About Him!By now you have probably heard the sad news that Roger Moore died of cancer at the age of 89. This makes him the FIRST of the movie James Bonds to pass away. Here are all kinds of things you may not have known about him and James Bond!
Where Can You Get Coffee Locally With The Most Caffeine?If the main reason you drink coffee is to WAKE UP, you are going to love the results of a new study that figured out where you should buy it!

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