Bet You Didn't Know - The Morning MIX - 04/28/2017Two out of three people featured in this video can't focus or pay attention. It's your job to guess first, then watch to see if you're right. Plus, find out why you need to pucker up today and get ready to smooch!
Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World? - 04/28/2017Every Friday at 8:25am The Morning MIX plays a game called. "Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World?" Listen to these stupid criminal stories!
Kid Smarts With Eva From Oviedo! 04/28/2017Eva is 10 years old and lives in Oviedo! She is in 4th grade and LOVES Harry Potter, reading and animals! Do you think she knows what Italian city has a leaning tower?
Why You Smiling? - The Morning MIX - 04/28/2017Every Friday starting at 7:20am, The Morning MIX wants to hear why YOU are smiling! Make sure YOU call us next Friday and tell us, Why You Smiling?
Bet You Didn't Know - The Morning MIX - 04/27/2017It's "Bring Your Kids To Work" Day and the #MorningMIX did exactly that! Plus, Adam talked smack yesterday about beating Jenn in the celebrity birthday game. Did he win?
Jay's Kids - Bring Your Child To Work Day - 04/27/2017It's #BringYourChildToWorkDay and we asked Jay's kids some questions while he was away about his parenting! Listen to what they said!
Adam's Kids - Bring Your Child To Work Day - 04/27/2017It was #BringYourChildrenToWorkDay so we asked Adam's kids some questions about his parenting while he wasn't around! Just wait until you hear what they said!
Kid Smarts With Steven From Orlando! 04/27/2017Steven listens to Kid Smarts every morning he can so he was uber-excited to be ON this morning! He's 10 years old and loves soccer and basketball!
Bet You Didn't Know - The Morning MIX - 04/26/2017Happy #AdministrativeProfessionals Day! Watch to find out why Jay gives Adam a big hug. Plus, someone gets really upset at the end of this video. #SoreLoser And watch Adam throw Jenn Lopez under the bus!
Kid Smarts With Jillian From Sanford! 04/26/2017Jillian is 7 years old and lives in Sanford! She is in 1st grade and loves ice skating, singing, dancing and her family and friends! Listen to her play Kid Smarts!!
Is Jay A Good Dad Or A Bad Dad: FSA Testing Debate!Is Jay a good Dad or a bad Dad because of his opinion of the FSA testing and preparation that teachers are putting his kids through?
Kelly Osbourne On The Morning MIX! 04/25/2017Kelly Osbourne was on The Morning MIX to talk about all kinds of things including her new book! You can listen to the interview here in case you missed it!

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