Mix Movie Reviews: 'It'"It" lives up to the hype.
Mix Movie Reviews: 'Patti Cake$'The film separates itself with well-written, developed and unique characters.
Mix Movie Reviews: 'Wind River'Beautifully shot, directed and acted. It’s gripping right from the get-go.
Mix Movie Reviews: "Brigsby Bear"Brigsby Bear is full of heart, making it the feel-good sleeper of the summer.
Mix Movie Reviews: 'Atomic Blonde'Perhaps the biggest star of the movie is the wall-to-wall soundtrack of new wave, pop and punk hits from the 80s.
Mix Movie Review: 'Dunkirk'Anyone can be a hero at Dunkirk.
Mix Movie Reviews: "Wish Upon"You might just want to wish that no one suggest you go see this horror travesty.
Mix Movie Review: 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'A really fun entry into the Marvel world while maintaining the integrity of the Spider-Man franchise.
Mix Movie Review: 'The Beguiled'The cinematography is gorgeous, and the acting, particularly that of Kidman, is first rate. And that's about it.
Mix Movie Review: 'Baby Driver'It's the summer blockbuster that's going to have everyone talking...and rightly so. 
Mix Movie Reviews: 'Wonder Woman'Wonder Woman is an important movie.
Mix Movie Reviews: 'Snatched'Hawn quickly shows off the comic timing she's known for, and her chemistry with Schumer works.

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