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The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (07/14/15)

Are you starting your day off right? Jay’s got the eight worst things you can eat for breakfast. Did you ever discover something on Facebook that you should have been told in person? Plus, you could be missing out on some extra special job benefits! And Anthony gets lucky playing The Pyramid today! Catch it all in the Morning MIX Podcast!

MIX 105.1–07/14/2015

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Facebook Reportedly Eyeing Music Streaming in Future

Get ready to add Facebook to the seemingly endless list of streaming music services.


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You Will be Watching Music Videos Through Facebook Very Soon

Facebook is trying to lock in licensing deals from the major labels in order to start the program as soon as possible.


Scott's portable chemo

The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (03/24/15)

There are 10 things women do that for some reason still baffle men! Plus, Scott’s getting chemo but he’s doing it from the MIX studio! How is that possible? Find out because it’s all in the Morning MIX Podcast!


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The Creepiest Things You Can Do On Facebook

There are many ways to be creepy on Facebook but it took Gizmodo.com to put a list together. You may be guilty of some of these (we hope not) but you will surely laugh at the thought of some of these things!

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Jay Vs Intern Ashley: Is It Creepy For A Guy To Lurk On Facebook Photos?

We live in a time where we live our day to day lives in two places…the real world and online.


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Taylor Swift Pens Wall Street Journal Article About Music Industry “Decline”

In her article, she explains that she is an “enthusiastic optimist” and that she is just “one of the few living souls in the music industry who still believes that the music industry is not dying…it’s just coming alive.”


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The 10 Actors And Actresses With The Biggest Social Media Presence

A company that tracks actors’ engagement on social media has compiled lists of the Top 10 Actors and Actresses on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll never guess in a million years who came in at #1 with 72.3 million “likes.”


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The Top Seven Ways Women Lie On Facebook

When you look at someone’s Facebook profile, you should know it’s filled with lies. A new survey found the top seven ways women lie on Facebook. However, after reading them, all 7 apply to men too!


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8 Ways You Should Change Your Social Media Habits This Year

72% of all Americans are now using social media and according to a new survey, most of them want to change their online habits this year. Here are the eight most common ways people want to use social media differently in 2014.