Two Reasons You're Always Running LateAre you always running 5-10 minutes late for everything? Well, just know that it's not your fault! Check out the two reasons why people are constantly late and see if you agree or is it just an excuse?
5 Calorie-Conscious Foods You Can Order At Your Favorite Fast Food RestaurantssSometimes you're in a rush and you don't have time to pack a lunch from home, but you also don't want to consume 1000+ calories at lunch. Well, here's some good news because you can still enjoy a tasty lunch without packing on the pounds.
America's 10 Best Cities To Live InOrlando made the list, but we didn't rank in the top 10. Check out the ten best places to live...
The Most Popular Slang Term From Your Birth YearRemember when you could say "Gag me with a spoon" or if you called someone your "Peeps," it meant more than just a marshmallow treat? Ah yes, those were the gold ol' days! What was the popular slang term in the year you were born?
Apparently You've Been Showering Incorrectly For YearsSorry to ruin your day, but we came across this article that says you're probably showering all wrong. Apparently, these dermatologists say you should do these five tips things in the shower to save your hair and skin.
Adam's Fun Facts: German Language, Saturn, Chevy Chase & More!How long is a day on Saturn? Who is the only former SNL cast member to be banned for life? How popular is the German language in America today? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
Which Social Media Network Makes Us The Most Narcissistic?Does using Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Snap Chat make you a narcissist? The answer, of course, is YES! But there is one social network that is worse than all the others!
The Top Ten, Most Popular Birthday Cake Flavors!Usually you don't get to pic the kind of cake you get for your birthday, you are just happy someone went to Publix and got you one! But if you COULD choose, here are our top 10 choices!
Happiness Is Related To Short Naps And Some Companies Are Now Allowing Naps At Work!The key to happiness is a short nap every day! However, according to this study, the amount of time you nap is crucial! Also, some companies, the highly successful ones, allow and encourage naps AT work! Guess what companies are doing this?
5 Facts About The Way We Eat Grilled Cheese!When you make a grilled cheese sandwich, are you a traditionalist meaning it just has bread, cheese, and butter? Maybe you get all fancy with it? A new survey got pretty in depth. Here are five stats about how we eat grilled cheese!
Follow These 10 Rules And Oddly You'll Be HappyWhenever there's a survey on the happiest countries in the world, Denmark usually comes out on somewhere in the top three and now we know why! They live by these really unusual life rules based on the philosophy of low expectations. Seriously, check these out...
10 Things You Should Do Before You Turn 50According to a new study, these are the 10 things you should have accomplished by the time you reach 50 years old. How'd you do?

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