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The "Sell By" Dates On Food Labels Are About To Be Less ConfusingAre you the type of person that as soon as the milk hits the "Sell By" date, you toss it? We waste a lot of food because of those dates on the packaging. But, it looks like things might be changing in the near future to make it a little more clear...
Four Easy Things You Can Do To Make Your Partner Smile TodaySometimes we get caught-up in the hustle of the day and forget to stop for a moment and acknowledge the ones we love. So, here are four easy things you can do to make your partner's day today that will show them you care.
6 Common Weight Loss Mistakes You Could be MakingHave you been trying to lose weight and even through you're eating right and exercising, the pounds just aren't coming off? You could be making one of these six common mistakes, check them out...
10 Weird Eating Habits Of Celebrities!Do you have weird foods that you put together or an eating habit that your friends and family think are just weird? Here's a list of 10 other celebrities and their weird eating habits!!
12 Random And Awesome Ways To Burn Calories TodayIf you're not really a gym person and don't have time for a brisk walk around the neighborhood, you're going to love this! Here are 12 random ways to burn 100-400 calories doing things you actually enjoy!
4 Habits You Have At Lunch That Are Causing Your Weight Gain!The easiest way to eat healthy at work is to pack your own lunch! You can also save a lot of money that way but here are four easy ways to cut down on calories, even if you go out for lunch!
Five Interesting Stats About The Way We Drink Coffee!51% of us will have at least one cup of coffee today. So, how many calories could you save if you started drinking it BLACK? Here are 5 stats about the way we drink coffee!
10 Of The Most Affordable Cities In The World Are In The U.S.We know America has some very expensive places to live, like San Francisco and New York City. However, we also has some very nice, inexpensive cities to live in, too! CNN posted the 10 most expensive and least expensive cities in the world and the U.S. has several on both lists!
The Best And Worst States For Raising A FamilySorry, but I'm going to start off by saying they got this completely wrong! You'll agree with me when you see where Florida came in on the list of the best and worst states for raising a family.
This Mashup Of Songs Turning 20 In 2017 Will Make You Feel NostalgicFeeling old yet?
The Top 10 Least Stressful Jobs In The United States!Chances are your job doesn't deal with life or death matters on a daily basis, even though it may feel that way at times! Work place stress is as real as it gets though! That's why I thought it would be interesting to see what the least stressful jobs are today!
4 Tricks To Make Your Kids Eat Healthy FoodsGetting your kids to eat healthy can sometimes be one of life's greatest challenges. However, it can be done, but it just might involve a little outsmarting the little ones! Here's what you can do...

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