The 4 Things We Do Instead Of Sleeping? Where Are Our Priorities?Clearly most of us do all kinds of other things at night besides sleep, which is why so few of us are getting even seven hours in before our alarm clock goes off. Seven hours? Ya, right? Not even with my daily nap! So WHAT are we doing instead? Read this to find out!
Adam's Fun Facts: Top Hurricane Purchase Items, Sean Connery, The Name "Jessica" & More!Why did Sean Connery turn down a $450 million acting gig? Who invented the name Jessica? What are the top 2 best selling items at Walmart right before a hurricane hits? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!!
4 Ways You Can Prevent Your Electronics From Spying On YouDo you ever get that feeling like "Big Brother" is watching your every move? Well, you could be right and it's because of all of your devices and gadgets. Here are four ways to deal with gadgets that really can spy on you from Time.
The Best Wines To Pair With 6 Junk Foods!!While others are still drinking "skinny drinks" you are wondering to yourself, "What junk food would go good with this Merlot?" Right? ME TOO! If you want to class things up but still eat like crap, I've got you covered! Here are 6 junk foods and the wines that go best with them!
Kids Completely Interrupt Man's Interview On BBC NewsIf you have kids, you can totally feel this guys pain while trying to be serious on TV. However, you can't help but laugh at his expression and the great lengths the lady went to give him peace and quiet!
5 Reasons Having A Dog Is Great For Your HealthAre your kids begging you to get a new dog? Have you been telling your spouse that a four-legged friend would be an awesome addition to the family? Well, if you need to get your point across, here are five reasons why having a dog is good for your health...
5 Ways To Balance Your Work Life With Your Real Life!It is hard sometimes make an even line and separate your work life with your real life. Who am I kidding, it is almost ALWAYS hard to separate the two! Here are tips to help you with the balance!
9 Slang Words Your Teenagers Use And What They MeanAre you having a hard time understanding what the heck your teenager is saying? Does it seem like they're just making up their own vocabulary? Well, here's a list of words you've probably heard and what they mean.
What The Color Of Your Car Says About Your PersonalityYou know that people can tell what kind of person you are just by the color of your car, right? OK, maybe not, but a recent survey found out what other people think about you based on the color of your car.
8 Warning Signs Of A Nervous Breakdown!After you read these you may feel like you are close to a nervous breakdown! Some of these "signs" just seem very common to anyone that is living a life. Maybe I am wrong, you tell me.
The "Sell By" Dates On Food Labels Are About To Be Less ConfusingAre you the type of person that as soon as the milk hits the "Sell By" date, you toss it? We waste a lot of food because of those dates on the packaging. But, it looks like things might be changing in the near future to make it a little more clear...
Four Easy Things You Can Do To Make Your Partner Smile TodaySometimes we get caught-up in the hustle of the day and forget to stop for a moment and acknowledge the ones we love. So, here are four easy things you can do to make your partner's day today that will show them you care.

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