Orlando Named The 2nd Most Fun City In AmericaWait...If we came in at #2, who beat us?
8 Of The Most Dangerous Foods In The WorldMost of us don't think of food as something that can cause injury. However, these nine foods send more people to the hospital every year than any other.
5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your VacationIf you want to make your last Summer vacation a memorable one, here are five tips to help you make the most of it!
The World's Highest Paid ComediansHow much did your favorite comedians make last year? I think it's time to start doing stand-up if they're raking in this much money!
8 Things Your Kid Should Do Before They're A TeenIf have a 14-year old son, so this article caught my attention. It's a great read, but I disagree with half of them.
The 20 Most Fashionable AthletesThey look great while competing, but who is the best-dressed when they're off the field or court?
The 20 Most Valuable Sports Teams In The WorldDo you think it's an NFL, NBA, MLB or MLS team that tops the list of the most valuable team in the world?
Find Out How Many Streets Have Your NameThis just might be the COOLEST website I've seen in a long time!
The Two Spots On Your Face You're Most Likely To Miss With SunblockThe Florida sun is strong and you already know sunscreen is a must. However, these are the two spots you're most likely to miss...
The 10 Best Cities To Have Some Good Old-Fashioned FunThe 100 biggest cities in America were ranked according to how easy it is to go out and have some good old-fashioned fun and it's good news for Orlando!
6 Myths About Beer We Bet You Didn't KnowI don't care how much you know about beer and brewing, I bet you didn't know all six of these beer myths!
Eating Chocolate Before Dinner Can Help You Lose WeightThis could be the best news you've heard all year and it's true! Researchers in England say chocolate can help you lose weight!

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