Saying These "Cool" Words Make You Sound Old NowIf you want all your younger co-workers to think you're cool, you need to update your vocabulary. Here are five words you need to stop saying so you'll sound "Lit."
The Five Worst Body Language HabitsA recent survey asked job interviewers how important your body language is and they said the most important thing you can do is...
Here's A Simple Trick To Make Your Kids Eat More VegetablesA new study figured out a pretty simple way to trick your kids into eating more vegetables without complaining the whole time. All you have to do is... 
The 100 Highest Paid CelebritiesIt's only June and Forbes is already hard at work creating their annual lists and this one might surprise you! Guess who came in at #1 on their list of the highest paid celebrities for 2017?
5 Ultimate Food Arguments!Quick answer: Do you eat mac-and-cheese with a fork or a spoon?   Find out which utensil  75 % of people polled said and the answer to 4 other HUGE food debates we have!
[WATCH] Jay Edwards Prank Fifteen Of His Co-WorkersNeed a good laugh this morning? Go behind-the-scenes at Mix 105.1 with Jay from the Morning MIX as he pulls "The Floor Is Lava" prank on his CBS Radio co-workers!
Congratulations Kissimmee, You Made The List!Are you from a city that gets mispronounced on every traffic and news report? Shout out to Kissimmee and Altamonte Springs, yeah you know what we're talking about! Chances are you're saying one of these seven other city names incorrectly, too!
7 Ways To Seem Cooler On Social MediaDoes it seem like you're losing followers on all your social media sites on a daily basis? Well, according to a group of teens, here's what you need to do to seem cooler.
6 Spending Habits We Don't Want To Pass On To Our KidsParents were asked to come up with spending habits they don't want to pass on to their kids. Here are the six they hope their kids don't pick up...
Adam's Fun Facts: Rabbits & Carrots, Dr. Dre & Eminem, Shell Oil Company And More!What didn't Dr. Dre know about Eminem before they met in person? Why should you NOT feed your rabbit carrots? Where did Shell come up with "Shell" as a name for their oil company? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
5 Rules For Reclining Your Seat On A Plane!It seems that people are getting more and more upset when they are flying! The most common thing that annoys people is still the simple act of reclining your seat. Here are some tips to keep it friendly!
Florida's Surprising Rank Of The Most Fun And Least Fun StatesNo doubt about it, we love having fun in the Sunshine State! From theme parks to the beach, going to concerts and the theater, Orlando has it all! However, how does Florida in general stack up against the rest of the country?

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