AMP Radio Orlando

What Is This AMP Radio Orlando You Promote?

[listenlive id=”2905″]AMP Radio Orlando[/listenlive] is our on-line and HD2 radio station.  You can [listenlive id=”2905″]click here[/listenlive] while on your computer and listen live. When you need a pop-fix we play music from artists like [lastfm]Justin […]


MIX 105.1’s BIG Plans For New Years Eve!

Where will you be when the clock strikes midnight? Who will your midnight kiss be with? Resolutions? Do you make them or just a waste of time? We may not have the answers to those […]


Special Thanksgiving Eve AMP’d Up Saturday Night

Many consider tonight to be the BIGGEST party night of the year! In honor of not having to wake-up until noon tomorrow we’re having a special AMP’d Up Saturday Night show starting at 7:00pm on […]


MIX105.1 Is Already On A New iPad™ App!

Okay, so the iPad™ just got that much cooler.  The iPad™ JUST went on sale, and [listenlive id=”485″]MIX105.1[/listenlive] can be heard on it! Here’s the deal…[listenlive id=”485″]MIX105.1[/listenlive] and [listenlive id=”2905″]Amp Radio Orlando[/listenlive] are now part of the App for […]