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10 Benefits That You Might Not Be Getting At Your Work Place

Does your company give you a paid day off for your birthday? Will they cover your min-bar bill when you travel? Do they offer haircuts? Here’s a list of ten benefits that SOME companies offer their employees!

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Classic Burger with Mushroom Infusion

Looking for a burger that will upgrade your Fourth of July cookout? Sink your teeth into this sandwich made with a blend of lean ground beef and finely chopped mushrooms. It’s over the top with flavor and nutrition.


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Morning MIX Traffic Alert

When traffic gets bad in Central Florida, stay tuned to MIX105,1 for all the latest updates to get you to work or home quickly and safely. Here’s the latest traffic alert you need to avoid…


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Adam’s Fun Facts: Best Selling Single, Beats Headphones, Barbershops And Brothels Plus More

How much are Beats headphones in parts? What is the best selling music single of all time? What is the longest span between a movie and it’s sequel? All this and more with Adam’s Fun Facts!

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Fish Tacos with Cherry Salsa

Summer fruits are filling market produce bins with fresh flavors and textures. In this recipe, fish tacos — a Florida fave — get a sweet-tangy finish with a cherry salsa flavored with sweet onions and peppers.



Adam’s Fun Facts: Commodore 64, Hannibal Lecter, Bypass Surgery & More

How much RAM was in the Commodore 64? What country did the dogs figure out to take the subway to better meals? Who stopped dating Anthony Hopkins because she couldn’t stop seeing his as Hannibal Lecture? All this and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:

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Adam’s Fun Facts: Spotify, Shuttlecock’s, IRS & More

Who was BANNED from Disneyland by Walt Disney, himself? How did 7 million American children disappear? Who owns the patten for the shuttlecock? All this and more are here with Adam’s Fun Facts!

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Adam’s Fun Facts: How did Starbucks get its name? Who likes New Coke? High Heel Injuries & More

Who likes New Coke? What was Starbucks named after and what was the name almost going to be? How many apps does the average iPhone owner have? All this and more are here with Adam’s Fun Facts:

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Adam’s Fun Facts: Vikings, Hummer’s, Wilt Chamberlain & More

If you were born in this month you have a better chance of being healthy! Did vikings wear head gear? Where is the largest stadium in the world? All of these questions are answered and more with Adam’s Fun Facts!

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Adam’s Fun Facts: Most Profitable Movie Ever, Snickers Candy Bars, MTV & More

What famous actress started out doing phone sex? What was the most profitable movie in history? What city and state is EVERY Snickers bar made? All that and more are here with Adam’s Fun Facts!

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