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3 Random Things That Make You Live Longer

Yesterday we gave you nine things that shorten your life and then the guilt set in and of course we want you to live longer. So, to counter that info we shared with you yesterday, here are three random things that will help you live longer!

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Chicken In Walnut Sauce

If you prefer, remove the bones and skin of the chicken breasts and pound them slightly between sheets of plastic wrap. Or leave the bones in and the skin on for baking or frying.

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Jordan Knight And Nick Carter Talk Local Origins Of ‘Nick And Knight’ And Butter Beer

Before their show at the Plaza Live, the guys stopped by the MIX 105.1 studios to chat with the Morning MIX.

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Dana’s Dirt – Who Are “The Most Fascinating People” Of 2014?

Barbara Walters is coming out of retirement to do another “Most Fascinating People” special.

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9 Things That Shorten Your Life

This isn’t meant to freak you out, but to inform and educate you. Here is a list of 10 things from The Huffington Post that can shorten your life.

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4 Secrets To Never Getting Sick

Cold and flu season is quickly approaching, so here is a list from of four secrets from people who never get sick. However, even though these are common sense, we still wanted to share it with you to keep you healthy!

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Nick Carter And Jordan Knight Play A Revealing Game Of ‘Would You Rather?’

The guys were great sports and came up with some truly surprising answers to the questions posed to them.



Scott McKenzie Update: Back On The Air, Back Off The Hair

My chemo is still doing a number on my blood counts, so going in to work isn’t an option right now. But thanks to modern science, the radio station can come to me.


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7 Great Things About Not Dating Anyone

If you’ve been bummed out lately because you’re single and not going out on any dates, don’t worry! Cosmopolitan has a list of seven great things about being single and ready to mingle!


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Morning MIX Traffic Alert

When traffic gets bad in Central Florida, stay tuned to MIX105,1 for all the latest updates to get you to work or home quickly and safely. Here’s the latest traffic alert you need to avoid…



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