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Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World? The Morning MIX – 08/18/2017

Every Friday at 8:25am The Morning MIX plays a game called “Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World?” Stupid criminal stories are heard and we decided where they happened!

MIX 105.1–08/18/2017

Why You Smiling – The Morning MIX – 08/18/2017

Every Friday morning starting at 7:20am, The Morning MIX asks YOU, “why You Smiling?” and we had a TON of great stories this morning!

MIX 105.1–08/18/2017

Kid Smarts With Celina From Winter Springs! 08/18/2017

Celina is in 2nd grade and lives in Winter Springs. She loves video games, unicorns and playing with her hamsters! Do you think she will know what M.P.H. stands for? Listen to her play Kid Smarts!

MIX 105.1–08/18/2017

Mix Movie Reviews: ‘Wind River’

Beautifully shot, directed and acted. It’s gripping right from the get-go.


Adam’s Fun Facts: Toilet Paper, Wisconsin, The Flag On The Moon & More!

When year did toilet paper STOP using the advertisement hook of, “Splinter Free”? What was Wisconsin originally called? What happened to the USA Flag that Neil Armstrong planted on the moon?

MIX 105.1–08/18/2017

Mix Movie Reviews: “Brigsby Bear”

Brigsby Bear is full of heart, making it the feel-good sleeper of the summer.


Kid Smarts With Camden From Apopka! 08/17/2017

Camden lives in Apopka and is 7 years old! He is in 2nd grade and loves playing Mine-craft and Lego’s! Do you think he knows what happens to Pinocchio when he tells a lie?

MIX 105.1–08/17/2017

The Top Ten Highest Paid Actresses In The World!

Emma Stone is now the highest paid actress in the world. She’s raked in $26 million over the past 12 months. Jennifer Aniston is second with $25.5 million. Here’s the top 10!

MIX 105.1–08/17/2017

Adam’s Fun Facts: Silly Putty, Venus Flytrap, Flattest State & More!

What is the flattest state in the U.S.A.? Where is the only place that the Venus flytrap grows natively? What happens if you drop Silly Putty from a high place?

MIX 105.1–08/17/2017

8 Of The Most Dangerous Foods In The World

Most of us don’t think of food as something that can cause injury. However, these nine foods send more people to the hospital every year than any other.


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