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Spicy Korean Pork Skewers

Make sure to leave plenty of room in between each skewer to avoid overcrowding the meat and assure even cooking.

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Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Childhood Friends

Some celebrities knew each other before they were famous, like back when they were kids. Here are some cool examples…

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8 Phrases That Have Become Completely Irrelevant

Technology has ruined the greatest insults of our childhood. Like, you can’t say, “Here’s a quarter, call someone who cares” anymore. You have to say, “Here’s a Samsung Galaxy Note tablet, Google someone who cares.” It’s just not the same.

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Special K Is Florida’s Most Popular Cereal

There’s a big difference between the cereal we like and the cereal we actually buy and eat. A real estate blog figured out the most popular cereal in each state based on Facebook likes and compared that with the best-selling cereals in the U.S. Here’s the Top 10 cereals and the most popular cereal in each state.

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The Pope’s Top 10 Secrets To Happiness

In a new interview, Pope Francis revealed his top ten secrets to happiness. No matter what your religion is, these are pretty great tips to live by! Check em’ out!

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[VIDEO] The Cutest Video You Will Watch All Day

There’s video of a five-year-old named Sadie on YouTube and her parents started recording after she found out her baby brother won’t stay a baby and she was devastated! She is absolutely adorable!


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11 Foods That Actually Make You Hungrier

Some foods can actually make you feel hungrier when you eat them. Which is a good way to gain some weight in a hurry, if you’re not paying attention. Watch out for these 11 foods and don’t let them fool you.


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9 Sounds You’ll Probably Never Hear Again

We found a list of sounds you’ll probably never hear again and some are pretty recent. Yes, these are sounds that our kids will probably never know!


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Celebrities Who Have Dated Their Friend’s Ex

In Hollywood, it seems like there’s a small circle of celebrities that all date each other, which means at some point you date a friends ex! There are tons of examples and for some reason, Taylor Swift’s name shows up more than others.


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The Top 10 Things You Do On A 1st Date That Make Someone Not Want A 2nd

It’s amazing anyone is able to relax and have a normal conversation on a first date, considering how much judging is going on and how one little mistake can ruin things. A new survey asked people the rudest things someone can do on a first date that would make them not want a second date. Here are the top 10…