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Adam’s Fun Facts: Bea Arthur, Michael Bay, What Is A Natiform & More

Who directed the very first “GOT MILK?” commercial? Who was a truck driving Marine before becoming an actress? Do twins really have their own language? All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts!

MIX 105.1–05/23/2015

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Adam’s Fun Facts: Shakespeare’s Pay Rate Today, Charlie Brown’s First TV Appearance, Nolan Ryan & More

How much would Shakespeare make a year in today’s money? What was Charlie Brown’s first TV appearance? What famous award did Nolan Ryan NOT win? All that and more are here with Adam’s Fun Facts!

MIX 105.1–05/22/2015

Comedian John Heffron and Jay Edwards

The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (05/22/15)

Comedian John Heffron was in the studio with Scott, Dana and Jay this morning and he was hilarious! Plus, Scott McKenzie gives an update on his ongoing battle. And if you haven’t left on your […]


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The Best Day And Time To Hit The Road On Memorial Day

If you haven’t hit the road just yet for the long holiday weekend, it’s ok. Just sit back and relax because the best time to leave to avoid the most traffic is actually coming up.



The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (05/21/15)

OH WOW! Did you hear the calls from earlier today of MIX listeners telling their parents’ TMI stories? Plus, how much sleep you get and whether you wake-up grumpy or not depends on your sex! Have a listen, it’s all in the Morning MIX Podcast!


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The Cost To Purchase Your Favorite Fictional TV House

OK, this is super cool because as kids we would watch TV shows and admise how cool their houses were! Well, if you had the money today, this is how much money it would cost […]


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Bedroom Battle Of The Sexes

How did you sleep last night? Did you wake-up grumpy or happy? According to Time, we now know how much time the average person sleeps and who wakes-up in a better mood!


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Grilled Burgers With Mustard Butter

Hold the ketchup this Memorial Day weekend and dress up your burgers with a flavored butter. Serve with sautéed or grilled crimini mushrooms drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with fresh herbs.


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The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (05/20/15)

There are three things that all of us do and we need to STOP doing them immediately! Plus, how many of the world’s 10 best-selling brands can you guess? And how far are you willing to drive for your favorite restaurant or to see a loved one? Is 5 hours too far to drive for lunch? Apparently not, just listen to these calls in the Morning MIX Podcast!


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What People Eat For Breakfast In 10 Other Countries

Hey it’s Jay and I’m all about food, so when I saw this story I had to share! It’s hard to believe that eggs and bacon aren’t on the menu across the world, but it’s not. It’s also hard to believe what some countries serve for breakfast!