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Grilled Potato Salad with Cilantro-Lime Chimichurri

Combine spinach with cilantro and lime to create a chimichurri sauce that adds bright flavor and color to grilled potatoes and bell peppers. This will rock the menu at your next tailgate or backyard bash.

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The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (10/08/15)

Who did you see naked or who saw you naked? The cobra has been caught, should it be returned? Should parents leave a restaurant if their child is crying or acting up? All that and more with The Morning Mix Podcast!

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Adam’s Fun Facts: Serial Killers, Bob Marley, NFL & More

Who was the only President to have a child while in office. Can you name the only 4 teams that have NOT been to the Super Bowl? What state was the only assassinated governor from? All that and more with Adam’s Fun facts!

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Breaking News: Missing Cobra Found

It’s safe to come outside and play again Ocoee, the missing cobra has been found!

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The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (10/07/15)

We play the world famous game, “Which One of Us?” and we also hear about an unwanted guest at Jay’s house that almost prompted a call to the police! Plus, we ask what is the one thing you’d change about your boyfriend!

MIX 105.1–10/07/2015

Are you normal?

10 Random Things And How Many Times The Average Person Does Them

How normal are you? Wired Magazine came up averages on a bunch of random stats, so you can determine if you’re above or below average when it come to things in your daily routine.


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4 Ways You’re Washing Your Face Incorrectly

Dry skin? Oily skin? Do you wash your face daily and can’t seem to get that glow you’re looking for? You could be making one of these four mistakes according to beauty experts.


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Adam’s Fun Facts: Mail By Mule, Slot Machine Fruit, Text Message History & More

Where is the US mail still delivered by mule? Why do slot machines have fruits? When was the first text message sent? All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts!

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The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (10/06/15)

What strange reason did you get fired from a job for? We also find out what kind of people eat and drink after their kids and spouse. Plus we break down calorie counts: Sweets against Booze! All that and more with The Morning Mix Podcast!

MIX 105.1–10/06/2015

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Does It Take A Great Credit Score To Have A Great Relationship?

Can a bad credit score be holding you back from a wonderful and meaningful relationship? There’s a study that says there are similarities!

MIX 105.1–10/06/2015