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Scott McKenzie Update: Why I Started Today In Tears

With all the terrible news in the world right now, this will restore your faith in positivity, and in whose hands (and voices) we’re leaving the world to.

17 hours ago

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Rolling Stone Calls 1984 Pop’s Greatest Year And Lists The Top 100 Singles

“Rolling Stone” determined what they believe to be pop music’s greatest year and they say it’s 1984. To back that up, they’ve listed the “Best 100 Singles” from 1984 and they’re pretty awesome!

21 hours ago

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3 New Weight Loss Tricks

With all the expert advice and dieting books out there, you would think that we’ve heard just about every trick in the book for losing weight. However, here are three weight loss tricks from that could help you drop a few unwanted pounds.

23 hours ago

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Marinara Brats & Peppers

Looking for a fast and filling dinner recipe or quick tailgate preparation for game day? Check out this bratwurst and rigatoni dish that’s made on a stovetop in 30 minutes.

23 hours ago


Dana’s Dirt – Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes Are Parents

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling welcomed a baby girl last Friday.

MIX 105.1–09/17/2014

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep Next To Your Cell Phone

According to, 44% of us sometimes or always sleep with our cell phones within reach. However, here are three reasons why you should sleep close


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The States With The Rudest And The Most Polite Drivers In The Country

It’s rare that we see Idaho or North Dakota come in at #1 on any list. Sorry, but it’s true. However,both states came in at #1 when it comes to driving!Did Florida rank on either list? Check it out…


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Morning MIX Traffic Alert

When traffic gets bad in Central Florida, stay tuned to MIX105,1 for all the latest updates to get you to work or home quickly and safely. Here’s the latest traffic alert you need to avoid…


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The 10 Most Annoying Bedroom Habits

We don’t think it’s humanly possible to share a bedroom with someone who doesn’t do at least one annoying thing on this list. Let’s just hope for your sake that your mate isn’t guilty of several of these!


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5 Food Cravings And What They Might Mean

Did you wake-up craving carbs or sweets? Do you chew ice? If so, here are five food cravings and what they mean.



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