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Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World – 06/23/2017

Every Friday at 8:25am, The Morning MIX plays a fun game called, “Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World?” Jay reads stupid criminal stories and you have to guess if they happened in Florida or Anywhere Else In The World!


Kid Smarts With Connor From Winter Springs! 06/24/2017

Connor is 10 and three quarters of a year old! He’s in 4th grade and lives in Winter Springs. He likes video games, humor, coding, sarcasm and sushi! He was great, you must listen to him play Kid Smarts!


Bed & Breakfast, Pregnancy, Moving, Birthdays… Why You Smiling?

Someone from the show has a bed and breakfast weekend ahead! plus we hear about pregnancies, birthdays, moving and more! It’s “Why You Smiling?”


5 Foods You Should Never Grill

Seriously? You’re not supposed to grill your burgers? Why?


Adam’s Fun Facts: Chris Farley, Possum’s, DNA Weight & More!

How much does your DNA weight? What movie was Chris Farley not allowed to do because of “Black Sheep”? Why can’t you poison a possum? All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts!


Blackberry Pepper Wings

Quick and easy and full of vibrant flavor Blackberry Pepper Wings are great for summer gatherings.


Listen To What Bert Kreischer Did With Rachel Ray!

Wait until you hear what comedian Bert Kreischer and Rachel Ray did! Hilarious!!


Kid Smarts With Thomas From Longwood! 06/22/2017

Thomas is 7 years old and in 2nd grade! He lives in Longwood and likes to play video games and eat broccoli, pizza and banana peppers! Listen to him play Kid Smarts!


Bet You Didn’t Know – The Morning MIX – 06/22/2017

Why are Jay, Dana and Adam begging for donuts? Plus, watch all three of them strike a pose, but it’s not a pose you’d expect to see! It’s all in the #MorningMIX “Bet You Didn’t Know!


Adam’s Fun Facts: U.S. Currency, Mosquito’s, Hall And Oates & More!

What has taken more human lives than all the wars combined? Why did Congress pass a law that no living person could be on currency in the United States? How did Hall and Oates meet? All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts!


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