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Jay Edwards Boat!

The Morning MIX Podcast! 07/26/2016

How have your kids embarrassed you out in public? Did they do it on purpose? We heard some great stories!! Plus, Jay is blaming Dana & Adam for damage to his boat! Wait until you hear this one All that and more, it’s The Morning MIX podcast!

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Kid Smarts With Akshat From Apopka! 07/26/2016

Akshat is 10 years old and lives in Apopka! He loves playing sports like football! Will he know where on your body you would find your tibia? It’s Kid Smarts!!

MIX 105.1–6 hours ago

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Adam’s Fun Facts: Flight Laws, Aardvarks, “Guardians Of The Galaxy” & More

Where does the word “aardvark” mean in other languages? Who was the first U.S. President to wear full pants? Why did Vin Diesel record all his lines for “Guardians Of The Galaxy” on stilts?

MIX 105.1–7 hours ago

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The Morning MIX Podcast! 07/25/2016

Jay gives us “Christmas In July” with some info on how you can lose weight by bathing! Also, we asked what celeb you met and if it was a wonderful experience or a huge disappointment! All that and more, it’s The Morning MIX podcast!

MIX 105.1–07/25/2016

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The Five Things That Get You Promoted

If you’re ready to advance in the company and more some extra cash, here are five tips that could help you land that new corner office and company car!


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Kid Smarts With Isabella From Titusville! 07/25/2016

Isabella is 9 and going into 4th grade! She lives in Titusville and loves cheetahs! Do you think she will know which President is on the penny? It’s Kid Smarts!!

MIX 105.1–07/25/2016

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The Morning MIX “Bet You Didn’t Know” 07/25/2016

Today is National Sundae Day! Plus, one of our “Friends” is having a birthday today, can you guess his age? It was on this day someone butchered the National Anthem, do you remember who? The Morning MIX 7/25/16 – Bet You Didn’t Know!

MIX 105.1–07/25/2016

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Adam’s Fun Facts: Homer Simpson, Hollywood Sign, Miami Marlins & More!

What is weird about the way American’s write the date? Who played Homer Simpson in a film back in 1975? You’ll know the answers to this and more after you read Adam’s Fun Facts!

MIX 105.1–07/25/2016

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The Morning MIX Podcast! 07/22/2016

We hear about Adam’s trip to Atlanta yesterday for his call back for a movie part! It’s Friday so we asked, “Why You Smiling?” and we played, “Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World?” It’s The Morning MIX podcast!

MIX 105.1–07/22/2016

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Kid Smarts With Sage From Winter Park! 07/22/2016

Sage is 6 and lives in Winter Park. Sage is going into 2nd grade but do you think Sage knows what you call a baby deer? It’s Kid Smarts!!

MIX 105.1–07/22/2016

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