CJWell, where to start?? I guess the basics first. My name is CJ, I’m in radio and I love to laugh. I like long walks on the beach and…oh wait, that’s my e harmony ad, whoops.

I got into radio because of my love for music. I love the idea that a song is poetry set to music and poetry is fascinating to me, words are even more fascinating to me. It’s amazing to me how someone can make another person feel emotions by simply writing down their thoughts.

Besides music, theatre is also a big part of my life. I have been in several productions throughout my life as well as taken a multitude of acting classes. Radio in my opinion, is theatre of the mind, which takes a special personality to actually plant themselves into the mind of the listener.

If there is anything else you want to know, hit me up on Facebook, tweet me @CJMix1051, or you can shoot me an email CJ@Mix1051.com. Tune in to my show every weekday from 3p-7p, you never know what you’ll hear come out of my mouth!

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POLL: Did The Beijing Olympics Rip Off Frozen’s Hit “Let It Go?”

Beijing is set to host the 2022 Winter Olympics and many fans of the now iconic Disney film, “Frozen” are calling a song attached to Beijing 2022, a rip off of “Let It Go.”

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VIDEO: Guy Makes The World’s Best Cup Of Coffee

As I sit here on a Tuesday morning, sipping coffee brewed from a massive machine in our break room that makes me cringe with every sip, I wonder…what is the best cup of coffee in the world?

21 hours ago

Uptown Funk

‘Uptown Funk’ Goes To The Movies

The internet is so creative.


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The Flip Phone Is Making A Return Thanks To LG

In case you were getting sick of the iPhone or the Galaxy phones, LG wants to give you a bit of a #TBT vibe to your phone.


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VIDEO: This 3-Month-Old Baby Telling His Dad “I Love You” Will Give You All The Feels

A child’s first word is a special moment you always want to catch on video.


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Orlando Locals Know Epcot Is The Best Disney Park And Here’s The Video To Prove It

Epcot should be at the top of your Walt Disney World itinerary.


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Orlando Theme Parks Score Big On “Top Amusement Parks” List

Trip Advisor released their list of the Top 25 theme parks in the country and Orlando is sitting quite nicely in the top 15!


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Viral Vid Fun: Shirtless Rob Lowe Channels Julie Andrews With ‘Sound Of Music’

Rob Lowe giving us his best Julie Andrews impression is pure gold.


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Ariana Grande Apologizes For “I Hate America” Comment

According to Ariana Grande, her words were taken out of context when she said “I hate America” and it was caught on camera and then sent to the internet.