cj2 CJWell, where to start?? I guess the basics first. My name is CJ, I’m in radio and I love to laugh. I like long walks on the beach and…oh wait, that’s my e harmony ad, whoops.

I got into radio because of my love for music. I love the idea that a song is poetry set to music and poetry is fascinating to me, words are even more fascinating to me. It’s amazing to me how someone can make another person feel emotions by simply writing down their thoughts.

Besides music, theatre is also a big part of my life. I have been in several productions throughout my life as well as taken a multitude of acting classes. Radio in my opinion, is theatre of the mind, which takes a special personality to actually plant themselves into the mind of the listener.

If there is anything else you want to know, hit me up on Facebook, tweet me @CJMix1051, or you can shoot me an email CJ@Mix1051.com. Tune in to my show every weekday from 3p-7p, you never know what you’ll hear come out of my mouth!

Report: Kylie Jenner Pregnant With First Child

Kylie has yet to confirm the pregnancy herself. 

21 hours ago

Legoland Adding Virtual Reality To Popular Roller Coaster

Legoland Florida is getting in on the new craze of virtual reality roller coasters. Their popular “Project X Coaster” is being revamped into The Great Lego Race VR Coaster which will debut next year sometime. […]


Magical Dining Month Extended To October 12th

Due to Hurricane Irma, Visit Orlando has extended Magical Dining Month!


Please Orlando, Hold Off On Flushing For A While

Many residents, myself included woke up this morning to quite the odor in the air.


Sam’s Club Temporarily Waives Membership For Hurricane Affected Areas

Sam’s Club has reopened their stores and will temporarily waive the membership fee for non-members.


How Hurricane Harvey And Hurricane Irma Saved Us All

It might sound crazy to say, but two back-to-back powerful hurricanes slamming into the United States has seemingly saved us all.


Tweet Beat: Hurricane Irma Causes Extreme Damage In Caribbean Islands

While we try and pinpoint where hurricane Irma will go in regards to Florida, the powerful hurricane blew right over some Caribbean islands and the photos of damage is heart wrenching.


Nurse: State Of Emergency Means You Can Get Prescriptions Filled

A nurse friend of mine sent me a message on Facebook this morning asking me to share some info regarding prescriptions for those who need medications. 


Orlando One Of Safest Cities To Ride Out A Hurricane

During a hurricane, many people think of Florida as not safe anywhere, well, a new study concludes that is false.


The Deleted “The Devil Wears Prada” Scene Would Have Changed The Movie Entirely!

Someone posted a scene on Twitter and this particular scene never made the final film for good reason.


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