Bobby Smith

 Bobby SmithWhen I was just five, I was trained by my older sister and her friends to stare at the bottom corner of the TV and to scream “It’s ON” when the words JOURNEY appeared on MTV. I would then hear the rumbling of feet charging down the stairs and into our family room as my sister and her friends would knock me out of the way to watch the latest hit from Steve Perry.

I became so good at this I was invited to her friends’ houses on a regular basis to do the same ‘staring’ for them. Later I found out that they were just babysitting me. Whatever, I was good. To this day all I need is one note of any popular Journey song and I can shout out, “Any Way You Want It!”

With this incredible musical talent learned at such a young age I was destined to be a lawyer or a doctor. Well, I know what you’re thinking, “How did you end up in radio?” Funny you should ask, because I don’t know. I was the last intern interviewed for my first radio job and I kept on thinking , “I’m never going to get this internship” and, “I wonder if Journey is on MTV right now?”

Apparently they felt bad for me, and gave me the internship. I then worked my way up to part-time employment in their promotions department. When I got my first check for $13.29 after working 80+ hours I knew this was the career for me.

After working several years in Philadelphia, I went to work for a Top-40 station in Austin, Texas, eventually finding my way to Orlando in 2000. Feel free to send me an email ( and listen every weekday 3pm-7pm on MIX 105.1.

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Budweiser Puppy Back For New Super Bowl Commercial

There’s something very powerful about puppies. And apparently they sell beer too.


(Photo: Bobby Smith)

[VIDEO] A Wild Bear Visits The MIX 105.1 Studios

Early this morning while I was pulling into our CBS Radio Orlando parking lot and something caught the corner of my eye.


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Weezer Drummer Catches Frisbee During Show

Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson showed off some impressive Frisbee skills while performing on stage in St. Augustine this past Friday night.



Windermere Police To Hold Blood Drive In Honor Of Fallen Officer

The Windermere Police Department will hold a memorial blood drive in honor of Officer Robert “Robbie” German who gave his life in the line of duty.


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Orlando Named Most Frugal City In The United States

Orlando tops a list put together by website of the most frugal cities in the United States. Orlando overtook Atlanta for the top honors this year. The ranking is based on’s Savings Index, which is based on a city’s coupon usage.


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Budweiser Taps Horses And Puppies For Cute Superbowl Ad

It’s that time of year when Superbowl ads begin to make their way onto the internet and Budweiser has upped the ante with the “cute factor.”


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The Best AND Worst Driving Songs has commissioned a survey of 2000 drivers asking them to come forth with not only their favorite songs for taking a road trip, but also their LEAST favorite.


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Orlando Makes List Of Top 100 Places To Live In The U.S.

If you’re happy living in The City Beautiful, it should come as no surprise to you that Orlando is included on’s list of the Top 100 Best Places To Live in the United States.


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Coming Soon: MIX 105.1 To Announce ANOTHER All I Want For Christmas Show

Another All I Want For Christmas show will be announced at 8am on Wednesday, October 2nd


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[PHOTOS] Taylor Swift Towers Over Almost Everyone

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