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I am so happy to be a part of The Morning MIX!  We have a lot of fun, learn a little, laugh a bunch and we get to hear and share some of the best stories!  Jay and Dana are truly great people and wonderful friends and it is pure joy to come to work and see them every morning!  I hope you can FEEL my genuine happiness coming through your speakers!  HELLO DAY!

Your Boss Will Judge You If You Have Messy Desk… OR A Clean One!

Having a messy desk is very unprofessional, we all know that. Did you know that having a desk that is TOO clean may be considered unprofessional as well?!

MIX 105.1–17 hours ago

Kid Smarts With Mollie From Apopka! 01/27/2017

Mollie is 8 years old and lives in Apopka! She’s in the 2nd grade and loves fishing and playing Softball! Do you think she will know the name of the fairy in Peter Pan? Listen to her play Kid Smarts!

MIX 105.1–18 hours ago

Bet You Didn’t Know – The Morning MIX – 03/27/2017

What movie classic has Jay never seen? Who win’s birthdays? Why are we hastagging #Theatre You won’t know unless you watch this video!

MIX 105.1–19 hours ago

Adam’s Fun Facts: NHL Strike, Shortest War, Steve Guttenberg & More!!

What is the only professional sport to miss an entire seasons because of a strike? How long was the shortest war in history? Who did Steve Guttenberg beat for the Police Academy movie roles?

MIX 105.1–20 hours ago

Would You Watch A Reality Show Starring O.J. Simpson & Casey Anthony?

If the term Must-See TV was invented for any show, it’s this: O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony are in talks to do a reality show together. It may happen. Would you watch?

MIX 105.1–03/24/2017

The 10 Highest Paid TV Casts Of All Time!

Here is a list of the highest negotiated paydays for certain actors and casts. You will agree with some and scratch your head at others! Also, a little commentary from an actor you may listen to on MIX 105.1!

MIX 105.1–03/24/2017

Adam’s Fun Facts: Dalmatians, Deaf Schizophrenia, Swedish Drivers & More!

Have you ever wondered how deaf schizophrenia works? How about why Dalmations are the bred for the firehouses? Or why Facebook uses blue? You”ll find out the answers to all those questions and more with Adam’s Fun Facts!

MIX 105.1–03/24/2017

5 Practical Things To Bring To Someone In The Hospital!

Someone who was recently laid up in a hospital posted a list of things they wish people had brought them. Apparently they got a lot of flowers, which was great, however, they wish they’d gotten some practical stuff too!!

MIX 105.1–03/23/2017

How Many Of These Weird Habits Do You Have?

How many of these odd habits are you guilty of? Do you pace around and fidget with stuff while you’re on the phone? Do you ever respond to your pet by saying, “I know” after they bark or meow?

MIX 105.1–03/23/2017

Adam’s Fun Facts: Libraries, Off-Off-Broadway, “Highbrow” Origin & More!

What does off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway really mean? How many countries are between Norway and North Korea? Are there more public libraries or McDonalds in the United States?

MIX 105.1–03/23/2017


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