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The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (06/24/16)The Morning MIX recaps the amazing Acoustic Show last night plus we have psychic Gary Spivey taking your calls and we play Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World! It's The Morning MIX podcast!
Kid Smarts With Victoria From Longwood! 06/24/2016Victoria is 8 years old and lives in Longwood! She's in 2nd grade and loves fashion, dance and music! Do you think she will know what Meryl Streep does for a living?
5 Ways To Save Money When You Are Grilling Out!Grilling out is THE thing to do for summer and if you do it often, you know it can get costly! Here are 5 tips to help you save money when you host your next B B Que!
Burgers with Mushroom DuxelleThe recipe was inspired by Seasons 52’s Angus Beef Blended with Mushroom Duxelle.
Hawaii Dedicates 49 Foot Lei At Dr. Phillips CenterRepresentatives from Hawaii bring an enormous lei dedicated to Pulse victims.
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (06/23/16)I posted some older stuff too, Scott McKenzie gave us a "God Wink" at Jay's birthday lunch. The Morning MIX talks about the "Keep Dancing Orlando" videos and so much more!
Kid Smarts With Orlando From Kissimmee! 06/23/2016Orlando is 11 years old and from Kissimmee! He's in 6th grade and LOVES sports! Will he know which planet is known as The Red Planet? It's another edition of Kid Smarts!
The 10 Most Annoying Things That People Do At The Beach!People can be so annoying! Especially at the beach!! Here are the 10 most annoying things people do the beach!
Find A Cheeto Shaped Like Something Or Someone Else And Win CASH!!!Have you ever picked up a Cheeto and thought, "You know, it kind of looks like Andre the Giant"? I hope you saved it because it could be worth CASH!!
Adam's Fun Facts: Gordon Gekko, Super Nintendo, The Beatles & MoreWhat Nintendo game came with no instructions? Who was originally offered the part of Gordon Gekko in "Wall Street?" What band spent 132 weeks at number one on the charts? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
[WATCH] Calysta Bevier Scores Third Golden Buzzer On 'American Got Talent'Simon Cowell gives out the final coveted Golden Buzzer on last night's 'America's Got Talent'.
[WATCH] #KeepDancingOrlando Video Shows We Are #OrlandoStrongKeep Dancing Orlando remembers the Pulse tragedy victims.
We Checked In With Jay Edwards While On Vacation!!We called Jay Edwards (too early apparently) and checked in on his baseball teams progress in the tournament they are in while in New York!! Remember he is on vacation so he should sound relaxed and refreshed, right? Not so much.
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (06/22/16)We talk about weird things we own that a celebrity put their name on and then we call Dennis Martinez's Mom! Dennis is filling in while Jay is on vacation. We also talk about the waivers that we sign to allow our kids to play sports and so much more!
Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Beer Is Coming Soon!Ben & Jerry's and the New Belgium brewery are teaming up to make a brand new Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Beer!
Kid Smarts With Garrett From Lake Mary! 06/22/2016Garrett is 6 years old and lives in Lake Mary! He is in Kindergarten and loves Lego's! Do you think he will know how many miles are in a marathon?
5 Things You Do That Are Killing Your Gas Mileage!Gas is a lot more affordable these days than it has been but you still want to get great gas mileage! You may know some of these but if you can't stop yourself from doing them then you aren't getting the best gas mileage possible.
Adam's Fun Facts: Wisconsin, Moms, Pyramid Of Giza & More!How close do men live to their mom? What did law makers feel Wisconsin MUST serve at every meal in the 30's? Where is the largest city, in terms of area, in the world?
Free Taco At Taco Bell TodayIt's Taco Tuesday and Taco Bell is hooking you up today with a free Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco.
Selena Gomez Does Carpool Karaoke With James CordenSelena Gomez is the latest person to help James Corden get to work in "Carpool Karaoke."
[WATCH] New Smart Watch Teaches Kids ResponsibilitiesSmart watch teaches children responsibilities and keeps track of tasks.
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (06/21/16)Dana's husband was offended by something we said about him on the air plus Dana and Adam discuss what camp's their kids are in this summer. We also catch up on celebrity gossip with Dana's Dirt!
Kid Smarts With Reese From Orlando! 06/21/2016Reese is 6 years old and in the first grade. She lives in Orlando and loves to dance and play! Do you think she will know which is the biggest planet in our solar system? It's another edition of Kid Smarts!
Here's An Easy Trick To Tell How Much Propane You Have Left Before You Grill!Have you ever run out of propane while you were grilling? So you had to stop halfway through and go buy a fresh tank? Here's an easy trick that will never have you running to the store half way through cooking again!
The Music You Are Listening To Can Affect The Taste Of Your Beer!A new study found that the music you listen to while you drink beer actually affects how it tastes.
Adam's Fun Facts: Smart And Final, Moses Baby, "Game Of Thrones" & MoreWhat year was the pilot of "Games of Thrones" filmed? What famous baby played Moses in "The Ten Commandments?" Where did The Smart and Final chain get it's name?
We're On SnapChat!We want to keep in touch even more!
Keith Urban Performs U2's "One" In Tampa For Pulse Orlando VictimsThe tragedy here in Orlando has struck the hearts of millions across the globe and Keith Urban is no exception.
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (06/20/16)While Jay Edwards enjoys his vacation in New York, our Program Director (radio words for BOSS) Dennis Martinez decided to take the big chair and do what Jay does.  I think he has a new respect for Jay and for the show.
Adam's Fun Facts: Charles Barkley, Cyndi Lauper. South America & MoreWhy did Charles Barkley miss an important game? What are the only 2 landlocked countries in South America? What was the budget of the "Alien" prequel "Prometheus"?

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