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The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (04/29/16)It's FRIDAY so we had another edition of "Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World" and psychic Gary Spivey took your calls plus Jay had someone attempt to buy his RV and we asked, "Why Ya Smiling?"
The 10 Best Cities For Lazy PeopleGreat news Orlando, we made the list! I don't know if we should be proud where we ranked or embarrassed! Check it out...
Adam's Fun Facts: Tennis, Chris Rock, Moon Walking & More!How many people that walked on the moon are alive today? Who did "Tennis" get it's name? What part was offered to Chris Rock that would have made for a different show even a different world!? It's Adam's Fun Facts!
Kid Smarts With Benjamin From Mount Dora! 04/29/2016Benjamin is from Mt. Dora and in the 2nd grade. He is 8 years old and loves Mine Craft, Lego, Star Wars and reading! Do you think he will know what state San Diego is in?
Mix Movie Reviews: 'Mother's Day'Call your mom or a friend as soon as you’re done reading this and ask them to see it.
5 Ways That Your Relationship Might Be Killing You!There was a study out this week that said women become less stressed after their husbands die! If that sounds bad, this one is not going to help: Here are the 5 ways that your relationship might be killing you!
Marinated Pork Chops with Peanut Parsley PestoPeanuts in pesto? You bet. Subbing for the usual pine nuts, this rich topping salutes Florida peanut farmers.
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (04/28/16)It is Bring Your Child To Work Day and so Jay brought Caleb and Kiley and Adam brought Alex (Ava had 5th grade testing and couldn't come). These poor kids had to be interviewed on the air about their parents!
5 Daily Habits That Are Giving You WrinklesTired of getting those annoying little wrinkles near your eyes and mouth? Sure, none of us are as young as we used to be. However, you could be causing some of the wrinkles yourself! Here are five daily habits that could be making you look older than you are!
Kid Smarts With Alex, Kiley & Caleb! 04/28/2016Today is National Bring Your Kids To Work Day and Jay and Adam brought their kids so we did a live version of Kid Smarts! Let's see how they did! It's another edition of Kid Smarts!
The Top 10 Hardest Things About Being A Mom!We know being a Mom is hard but someone decided to do a study on it! Clearly it wasn't a Mom doing the study because Mom's are too busy! Here are the top 10 hardest things about being a Mom!
Adam's Fun Facts: Ronald Reagan, Pay Phones, Millennials & MoreWhat inspired the Secret Service agent that saved Ronald Reagan's life to become an agent? What is the biggest, current living generation? How well do professional baseball players see compared to the rest of us?
VIDEO: Autistic Boy Gets Emotional At Coldplay ConcertFor one young boy, music touches his heart.
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (04/27/16)Have you ever been dumpster diving and if so, what did you get? Plus we ask, "What is the weirdest thing your boss asked you to do. Also, do you have a nickname for you boss and does he/she know?
NO Kid Smarts Recording Today!Just a reminder that we will NOT be recording kids today for Kid Smarts. We do three Wednesday's in a row and then take one Wednesday off and that is today!
5 Reasons People Settle For Bad RelationshipsHave you ever been in a bad relationship and can't figure out how you got yourself there? Are you the type that always seems to attract the wrong people? Well, you're not alone and here are five reasons people settle for bad relationships when they shouldn't...
Adam's Fun Facts: Hamlet, Mount Everest, Backstreet Boys & MoreWhat professional sports teams are owned by former players, there are only 2! How many lines did Hamlet have? How much of London's subway system is actually underground? All that and more with Adam's Fun facts!
Kid Smarts With Audrey From Kissimmee! 04/27/2016Audrey is 7 years old and in 2nd grade. She lives in Kissimmee and loves music, art and baking shows. Do you think she will know what state Atlanta is in? It's another edition of Kid Smarts!
What Would You Wear? Adam Gets It Wrong Every Time!You are headed out to met a bunch of people that you have never met before. It's for work. How would YOU dress? Did Adam get it wrong, again? You tell us.
BREAKING: Possible Gunman On UCF CampusThe UCF Police Department is reporting a possible gunman on the UCF campus.
Citrus Bowl Is Now Camping World StadiumAccording to The Orlando Sentinel, the Citrus Bowl is getting a brand new name. It will now be called Camping World Stadium, with the Kentucky-based Camping World serving as the presenting sponsor.
Call Chris Hemsworth For Administrative Professionals DayMeet Kevin. He's the Administrative Professional employed at Ghostbusters HQ.
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (04/26/16)We all embarrass our kids but how do you go out of your way to embarrass yours? Plus, Jay is selling something HUGE on Craigslist and we play a hilarious new game called "Was It My Spouse Or My Child?"
Kid Smarts With Ryan From Winter Garden! 04/26/2016Ryan is 6 years old and LOVES the Disney Magic Cruise. He is in Kindergarten and from Winter Springs. Do you think he will know who wrote the book, "The Cat In The Hat?" It's another edition of Kid Smarts!
Four Things You Should NOT Buy At The Grocery Store!You may have heard of a couple of these but who knew that grocery stores would try to save food going bad by pawning it of on us?! Obviously it depends on how good the store is, but here are the top four things you should NOT buy at the grocery store:
Adam's Fun Facts: Andrew Jackson, Alaskan Baseball Players, Pink Crayons & MoreHow many different colors of pink can you fins from Crayola? Who is David Spade's famous sister-in-law? How many professional baseball players have come from Alaska?
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (04/25/16)We hear a recap of Jay, Dana & Adam's weekend as we hear "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly"! Plus we play "Know The Show" and we cover the 10 most underrated places in Central Florida! All that and more with The Morning MIX podcast!
The 10 Most Underrated Attractions In Central FloridaThere are the obvious, HUGE attractions that bring millions of people to Central Florida every year but The Morning MIX wanted to hear about the places off the beaten path, the underrated attractions of Central Florida. Here are the top 10!
The 10 Most Overrated Tourist Attractions In AmericaHave you ever planned a family vacation around a tourist attraction, only to get there and be disappointed? The kids get there and say "We drove 1200 miles to see that?" Here's a list of 10 places the locals say aren't worth visiting...
Kid Smarts With Thraya From Orlando! 04/25/2016Thraya is 9 years old and lives in Orlando! Do you think she will know which state is the biggest state in America? It's another edition of Kid Smarts!

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