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Halloween Horror Nights Scare Zones Revealed
Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream Announces New HousesBusch Gardens Howl-O-Scream returns yet again to the Tampa Bay thrill park with more scare zones and new haunted houses for 2017!
Texas Dad Makes Baby Dance To Bruno MarsMove over Bruno, here is the next big thing!
Kid Smarts With Camden From Apopka! 08/17/2017Camden lives in Apopka and is 7 years old! He is in 2nd grade and loves playing Mine-craft and Lego's! Do you think he knows what happens to Pinocchio when he tells a lie?
The Top Ten Highest Paid Actresses In The World!Emma Stone is now the highest paid actress in the world. She's raked in $26 million over the past 12 months. Jennifer Aniston is second with $25.5 million. Here's the top 10!
Adam's Fun Facts: Silly Putty, Venus Flytrap, Flattest State & More!What is the flattest state in the U.S.A.? Where is the only place that the Venus flytrap grows natively? What happens if you drop Silly Putty from a high place?
Kesha On-Track To Debut "Rainbow" At Number 1If numbers hold, Kesha could see all of her hard work on Rainbow lead her to a #1 debut.
'Bring Your Own Cup' Days At 711Bring the kids to 711 for 'Bring Your Own Cup' Days!
Rumor: Could Indiana Jones Land Be Heading To Animal Kingdom?Move over Dinoland U.S.A. your days could be numbered.
8 Of The Most Dangerous Foods In The WorldMost of us don't think of food as something that can cause injury. However, these nine foods send more people to the hospital every year than any other.
We Want YOUR Kid On Kid Smarts! Come In Today!We play Kid Smarts every weekday morning at 7:35. We record the little ones ahead of time and today is a recording day! Is your child good at trivia? Would they like to see the station and get a tour? Bring them in!
Should Kids Get An Allowance And How Much Is Fair?Do you pay your kids an allowance? We learn what the national average is for an allowance AND what Central Floridians say they do to pay their kids and teach them responsibility!
Kid Smarts With Bianca From Oviedo! 08/16/2017Bianca is 7 years old and from Oviedo. She is in 2nd grade and loves swimming, soccer and playing with her hamster! Do you think she knows what you call a baby goat?
Adam's Fun Facts: Oklahoma, Grammy's, Hockey Beards & More!What hockey team started the tradition of growing their beards out during playoffs? What is the official state vegetable of Oklahoma? Who holds the record for the most Grammy's won?
Dunkin' Donuts Will Have Pumpkin Cream CheesePUMPKIN EVERYTHING!
Prince Will Now Have His Very Own Shade Of Purple!Prince is being honored with his own custom color. It's a shade of purple, obviously, and it's is called 'Love Symbol #2'!
Kid Smarts With Sam From Orlando! 08/15/2017Sam is in 7th grade and lives in Orlando. He is 12 and loves playing Monopoly, swimming and You Tube! Do you think he knows what you call 2 atoms that have combined?
What Item Have 20 People Touched Before It Is Purchased?Stump The Chump question: 20 people have touched this before YOU buy it! Can you guess what it is?
Adam's Fun Facts: Megan Fox, Waffle House, Disney Flags & More!Why do American flags at Disney World have the wrong number of stars? What is mind blowing (at least to me) about Megan Fox's age? Why does Waffle House own a record label?
'The Munsters' Get A RebootTime for another reboot of one of your favorite shows!
Kid Smarts With Evan From Melbourne! 08/14/2017Evan lives in Melbourne and is 4 years old! He lives in Kindergarten and loves sports, art and music! Do you think he knows what month we celebrate Christmas? Listen to him play Kid Smarts!
Adam's Fun Facts: Left-Handed Presidents, Kidney Transplants, Tornadoes & More!How many left handed Presidents have we had since 1929? What country has 75% of the worlds tornado's? What do doctors do with the bad kidney when they do a kidney transplant?
Bar Rescue Hits Central FloridaI've been keeping a really cool secret from you all Summer long...
Acoustic Sunrise Setlist: 8.13.17Here's your setlist.
Community Connection - Take Stock In Children GalaMarlene Mraz, Kristen Primerano, and Tracey Glidden talk about the importance of education and financial support to the children of Brevard County.
Taylor Swift Trial: Where Are The Outspoken Celebrity Feminists?Feminism. The definition is "the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes."
Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World? - 08/11/2017Every Friday at 8:25am we hear some really stupid criminal stories and YOU decide if it happened in, "Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World?"
Why You Smiling? - The Morning MIX - 08/11/2017Every Friday, The Morning MIX wants to know, "Why You Smiling?" Call in starting at 7:20am every Friday to share whatever it is that you are happy about!
Kid Smarts With Anderson From Melbourne! 08/11/2017Anderson is 6, in 1st grade and sounds adorable! He lives in Melbourne and likes soccer and Lego's! Listen to him play Kid Smarts!
Adam's Fun Facts: Antarctica, Can Openers, Valuable Stamp & More!How many people visit Antarctica annually? When were can openers invented? How much is the world's most valuable stamp worth? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!

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