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Acoustic Sunrise Setlist: 5.29.16Here's your setlist for Sunday, May 29th, 2016.
Community Connection - Quest's 20th Anniversary 'Wine Quest'John Gill and Tikisha Hughes talk about the up and coming 20th Anniversary of Wine Quest.
Free Slurpees Memorial Day Weekend With Frozen BOGOKeep it cool this Memorial Day weekend!
Kid Smarts With Peyton From Central Florida! 05/27/2016Peyton is 8 years old and is in 2nd grade.She likes Star Wars and playing soccer! It's another edition of Kid Smarts!
The 20 Best Songs Of 2016 ... So FarWe've had a lot of really great music so far in 2016! If you're looking to make an awesome playlist for your Memorial Day road trip, check out these 20 songs!
Adele Forgot The Words To Her Own SongAdele is the queen to just rolling with it.
Bob Opsahl Says Goodbye To Orlando TV On The Morning MIXAfter almost 38 years of being on TV in Orlando, Bob Opsahl joined the Morning MIX in-studio to say goodbye to his viewers. Where's he going and what are his plans?
Kid Smarts With Nicolas From St. Cloud! 05/26/16Nicolas is 5 and lives in St. Cloud! He likes movies and superheroes and he's a little smarty! It's another edition of Kid Smarts!
Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake BarsThese treats are so good you’ll be licking your fingers for every last bit.
5 Mistakes You're Making On The GrillAre you tired of your chicken being as tough as leather or your burgers turning out like hockey pucks? If you're not a grilling expert, after reading these five common mistakes, you could be! Before you fire up the grill this Memorial Day weekend, read this and avoid these grilling mistakes.
Kid Smarts With Logan From Orlando! 05/25/16Logan is 10 years old and lives in Orlando! He likes playing tag and soccer! It's another edition of Kid Smarts!
Wahlburgers Heading To Waterford LakesA 6,700 square foot restaurant is coming to the area to serve up fans delicious burgers and hoppy brews.
Five Of The Best Memorial Day SalesThinking about doing a little shopping over the holiday weekend? This is a great time of year to buy certain things because prices drop this weekend. According to PR Newswire, here are the five best things to buy on Memorial Day Weekend because they have the best sales.
Kid Smarts With Parker From Orlando! 05/24/16Parker is 10 years old and lives in Orlando! He's in 4th grade and likes soccer and video games! It's another edition of Kid Smarts!
CJ Gets The Scoop On New Merchandise At Walt Disney WorldIf you've been to the Walt Disney World Resort lately, you know that a lot has changed.
The Top Five Purchases You And Your Spouse Secretly MakeA recent survey found 23% of married women and 20% of married men secretly buy things without telling their spouse! Here are the things they're secretly spending money on without you knowing...
Mia from Winter Garden On Kid SmartsMia is 12 years old and lives in Winter Garden! She's in 6th grade and dance and volleyball! It's another edition of Kid Smarts!
Acoustic Sunrise Setlist: 5.22.16Here's your setlist for Sunday, May 22nd 2016.
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (05/20/16)Psychic Gary Spivey takes your calls and we play "Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World?" Plus, "Why Ya Smiling" and Dana & Adam translate those text message abbreviations!
Kid Smarts With Sofia From Orlando! 05/20/2016Sofia is 12 years old and lives in Orlando! She's in 6th grade and loves to sing! In fact, you may have seen on FOX recently singing her heart out. Keep an eye out on this one, she's a future star!!
Meet 'Can't Stop The Feeling' Car Wash Dancer Dave!Listen to how Dave got hired to be the Car Wash dancer guy in Justin Timberlake's 'Can't Stop The Feeling'
Selena Crumbles Up 'Marry Justin' Sign On 'Revival Tour'Selena Gomez shows how she really feels about Justin Bieber.
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (05/19/16)Juliet has never eaten a hamburger until this morning! Plus, we hear about a dog that saved a child from a rattlesnake and another edition of "Get It Wrong And Win!" All that and more on The Morning MIX podcast!
Kid Smarts With Samay From Apopka! 05/19/2016Samay is 9 years old and lives in Apopka! He is in 3rd grade and loves soccer!! Will he know what sport Peyton Manning played? It's another edition of Kid Smarts!
Adam's Fun Facts: Jerry Maguire, Samuel Morse, Goldfish & More!Why did Samuel Morse lose his bid for Governor of New York? How many weeks was Jerry Maguire the number one film? What color were goldfish originally? It's Adam's Fun Facts!
Mediterranean Beef & Veggie WrapsPacking lean deli meats and fresh vegetables into whole-wheat wraps makes for a cool lunch or supper.
The 10 Most Annoying DriversI have no idea how they were able to rank these from 1-10 because every one of them could easily be #1 on the list! However, Expedia asked over 1,000 people what annoys them the most when driving and here are the results. Side note: Jay's #1 is actually #3 on this list!
7 Things You Should NOT Order On The First Date!I believe you should eat whatever you want on a first date. They're gonna find out you’re a slob eventually, why hide it? However, if YOU want to keep up the illusion (liar), here are seven things you shouldn't order on a first date!
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (05/18/16)Jay tells us how he celebrated his birthday yesterday and last night! We also have another edition of "ipod Profiler" and we ask, "What have you not done that everyone else has?" All that and more on The Morning MIX podcast!
Kid Smarts With Olivia From Winter Garden! 05/18/2016Olivia is 5 years old and lives in Winter Garden! She is in Pre-K and loves to play soccer. Do you think she knows how many nostrils the average person has? It's another edition of Kid Smarts!

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