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Tower Of Terror Getting A Guardians Of The Galaxy MakeoverTime is running out to experience Tower Of Terror at Disneyland's California theme park.
The Morning MIX Podcast! 07/25/2016Jay gives us "Christmas In July" with some info on how you can lose weight by bathing! Also, we asked what celeb you met and if it was a wonderful experience or a huge disappointment! All that and more, it's The Morning MIX podcast!
The Five Things That Get You PromotedIf you're ready to advance in the company and more some extra cash, here are five tips that could help you land that new corner office and company car!
Kid Smarts With Isabella From Titusville! 07/25/2016Isabella is 9 and going into 4th grade! She lives in Titusville and loves cheetahs! Do you think she will know which President is on the penny? It's Kid Smarts!!
The Morning MIX "Bet You Didn't Know" 07/25/2016Today is National Sundae Day! Plus, one of our "Friends" is having a birthday today, can you guess his age? It was on this day someone butchered the National Anthem, do you remember who? The Morning MIX 7/25/16 - Bet You Didn't Know!
Adam's Fun Facts: Homer Simpson, Hollywood Sign, Miami Marlins & More!What is weird about the way American's write the date? Who played Homer Simpson in a film back in 1975? You'll know the answers to this and more after you read Adam's Fun Facts!
Acoustic Sunrise Playlist: 7.24.16Here's your playlist for Sunday, July 25th, 2016.
Hollywood Studios Will Be Closing Toluca Turkey Leg Co.Hollywood Studios will be the second Disney park to get rid of the famed turkey legs.
The Morning MIX Podcast! 07/22/2016We hear about Adam's trip to Atlanta yesterday for his call back for a movie part! It's Friday so we asked, "Why You Smiling?" and we played, "Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World?" It's The Morning MIX podcast!
Kid Smarts With Sage From Winter Park! 07/22/2016Sage is 6 and lives in Winter Park. Sage is going into 2nd grade but do you think Sage knows what you call a baby deer? It's Kid Smarts!!
The Morning MIX 7/22/16 - Bet You Didn't Know!It's National Hammock Day! Plus a very popular city was founded on this day AND we go into the weekend birthday's where Dana & Adam battle it out!
Adam's Fun Facts: Neil Simon, Finland, Black Box & MoreWhy did Neil Simon intentionally write a horrible play? What is the most rectangular country in the world? What color is the "black box" from an airplane?
Attractive Words To Use In Your Dating Profile And The Words To AvoidWho knew having a thesaurus by your side when filling out your dating profile was a must? However, there are some key words that others find attractive and some words that are an immediate turn off. Check them out...
The Morning MIX Podcast! 07/21/2016What wedding story do you have that comes up every time someone talks about your wedding? We heard some hilarious stories! Plus we played "Stump The Chump" and so much more!
Kid Smarts With Joshua From Kissimmee! 07/21/2016Joshua lives in Kissimmee and is 11 years old!  He is going into the 7th grade and loves to play outside! Do you think he will know which planet is the 3rd from the sun?  It's Kid Smarts!!
The Morning MIX 7/21/16 - Bet You Didn't Know!Bet You Didn't Know! Today is National Junk Food Day and all kinds of other fun things that we, "Bet You Didn't Know" AND we have a birthday showdown between Dana and Adam and a clear cut winner!
Adam's Fun Facts: Kilts, Mexico/U.S. Border, "Cicisbeo" & MoreWhat is the name for the male equivalent of a mistress? How many places can you legally cross the border from Mexico to the U.S.? What is the fine for a man wearing underwear beneath his kilt in Scotland?
WATCH: Pokemon Go Meets Parkour In Real-LifeTwo of the biggest things that the 2000s will be known for is Pokemon and parkour.
[Watch] Ingrid Michaelson Remakes 'Hell No' With Help From Deaf WestIngrid Michaelson teams up with 'Deaf West' for an ASL video for 'Hell No'
The Morning MIX Podcast! 07/20/2016We had someone call in to complain that her recently divorced Mom was not dressing her age! Oh, boy, did this spark some opinionated phone calls! Plus we asked is it ever OK for a man (non-swimmer) to wear a Speedo?
Have Your Child On Kid Smarts! We Are Recording TODAY! 07/20/2016Jay will be recording kids today right here at the MIX 105.1 studios!! Bring your child in and we will record them to play back on Kid Smarts!! If you have heard Kid Smarts on The Morning MIX and wondered how you can get YOUR little one on, today is the day!
Kid Smarts With Max From Winter Springs! 07/20/2016Max is going into 3rd grade and lives in Winter Springs! He is 8 and loves karaoke! Do you think he will know what the Mona Lisa is? It's Kid Smarts!!
The Morning MIX "Bet You Didn't Know" for 7/20/16The Morning MIX "Bet You Didn't Know" for 7/20/16 - Why was Adam rude to Jay? Carlos Santana is HOW old? And why is today such an important day for our Space coast?
Adam's Fun Facts: Instagram's First Pic, Am Ex, "Playboy" Cartoonist & More!What was the first picture posted on Instagram? What TV networks did American Express start? Why do you probably wish your Dad's name is William?
5 Things We Argue About While On Vacation!Sandy beaches with beautiful sunsets or white snow for skiing, when we are on vacation, we ARGUE! 40% of people say they get into at least one argument every day when they're on a romantic vacation. Here are the top 5 things we fight about.
Legend Garry Marshall Has Passed Away At 81Legendary producer and director Garry Marshall died yesterday of complications from pneumonia. He had also recently suffered a stroke. He was 81.
Disney Emoji Blitz Is Here!Disney releases new phone app game with emojis.
The Morning MIX Podcast! 07/19/2016What is the one thing that you will not go cheap on, you'll spend top dollar for no matter what? We also played "Get It Wrong And Win" and we heard about some big changes going on in Jay's house!
Kid Smarts With Thomas From Longwood! 07/19/2016Thomas is 11 years old and lives in Longwood! He's a HUGE fan of basketball and is going into the 6th grade! Do you think he will know which ocean is east of Florida? It's Kid Smarts!!
The 10 Vacations We Dream About The MostWhile you're staring out your office window daydreaming about a glorious vacation, what are you think about? PR Newswire has the results of a study of our top 10 dream vacations and I think you'll be shocked to see what came in at #1!

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