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Tom Brady Is On The Hunt For His Super Bowl Shirt!Tom Brady and the case of the missing Super Bowl Jersey.
Chicken Thighs Braised with Spring Leeks, Carrots and TarragonChicken is the little black dress of protein — it’s always in style and goes with everything.
The Morning MIX Explains What THEY Love About The Downtown Food & Wine Fest!We all have our favorite part of The Downtown Food & Wine Fest, but we asked The Morning MIX to tells us their ONE favorite thing! See if you agree!
Kid Smarts With Ryder From Belle Isle! 02/23/2017Ryder is 5 years old and lives in Belle Isle! He is in Kindergarten and LOVES going to water parks! Do you think he knows how many penny's are in a dollar? Listen to him play Kid Smarts!
Tips To Avoid The Flu From The Medical Director of Florida Hospital CentraCare Dr. Hendrix!The Morning MIX is worried about getting sick just as much as you are, if not more!! We brought on the Medical Director of Florida Hospital Centracare, Dr. Hendrix to tell us how to avoid getting sick!
Bet You Didn't Know - The Morning MIX - 02/23/2017This is what The Morning MIX looks like without their banner in the background (we knew you wondered). Apparently, we lost it to The Downtown Food & Wine Fest this weekend happening at Lake Eola Saturday and Sunday! Hope we see you, and our banner, this weekend!
Powerball Winning NumbersDid you check to see if you're the winner of $435 million? Here are last nights winning numbers...
Adam's Fun Facts: Presidential Kids, Heinz 57, Eddie From "Fraiser" & More!Where did Heinz get their number "57" from? How much did Eddie, the dog from "Frasier" make per episode? Which President had the most children with 15? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
[Watch] Latest Clip From 'Beauty And The Beast'Emma Watson sings 'Belle' so beautifully.
[WATCH] Model Hangs Off 1,000 Ft BuildingCrazy! How can anyone in their right mind want to do this?
Guy Does Dubsmash With Disney Characters At Walt Disney WorldThere is something about taking a selfie with a Disney character that is so satisfying.
Kid Smarts With Ethan From Windermere! 02/22/2017Ethan was out player on Kid Smarts this morning and he did awesome! He's 10 and lives in Windermere. He likes being a Boy Scout!
Bet You Didn't Know - The Morning MIX - 02/22/2017What very popular event that takes place every year in Central Florida is celebrating their 58th anniversary today? Plus, let's play a round of "What's in Adam's cup?"
If You Had The Chance To Find Out Exactly When And How You Die, Would You Take It?If you had the chance to see into your future, would you take it? How and when you will die? I would've guessed most people would say "yes." Turns out that's completely wrong!
Adam's Fun Facts: Fish Eyes, Brazil, Cold Weather & More!What types of fish have both eyes on the same side of their head? How cold would it have to be for your pee to freeze while you are peeing? What is the capital og Brazil? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
Oscar Nominated Bad FilmsNot so sure Pearl Harbor should be on this list as a bad movie....Check out the others!
Kid Smarts With Nyla From Oviedo! 02/21/2017Nyla lives in Oviedo and is in 4th grade! She is 10 years old and loves singing and snow! Do you think she will know the name of the fairy in Peter Pan?
The "Sell By" Dates On Food Labels Are About To Be Less ConfusingAre you the type of person that as soon as the milk hits the "Sell By" date, you toss it? We waste a lot of food because of those dates on the packaging. But, it looks like things might be changing in the near future to make it a little more clear...
Universal Orlando Makes Cameo In Katy Perry's "Chained To The Rhythm" VideoKaty Perry released the video for her new smash single, "Chained To The Rhythm" and it pays tribute to the American love of theme parks.
Bet You Didn't Know - The Morning MIX - 02/21/2017Dana is back from vacation! Find out what awesome invention that the Black Eyed Peas sing about was first introduced in 1947. Plus, who will win the celebrity birthday game!
Dana's Recap Of Her Vacation To Cuba! 02/21/2017Dana Taylor had all of last week off and she went to CUBA! Listen to her recap her awesome vacation with, "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly".
Adam's Fun Facts: Shrinking City, Antifreeze, Change For A Dollar & More!What U.S. city has had the biggest drop in population? How many ways are there to make change for a $1 bill? What did antifreeze taste like originally? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
Acoustic Sunrise Setlist 2.19.17Here's your setlist.
[Watch] Bridesmaids Toast Bride And Groom Through Disney SongsThese girls really outdid themselves! Check out their perfect sing along for the bride and groom!
[Watch] 6 Year Old Bruno Mars As ElvisCheck out little Bruno Mars dance away as Elvis at just 6 years old!
Walt Disney World Releases Food Menu For EPCOT's 2017 Flower & Garden FestivalThis year's Flower & Garden Festival promises to be the biggest one yet with a scrumptious lineup!
Meet The Morning MIX Intern: SuehallyYou’ve heard her on the air and everyone is asking, “Who is that girl on with Jay, Dana, and Adam?” Well, now you get to meet Intern Suehally as we play 15 Questions with Intern Suehally!
Four Easy Things You Can Do To Make Your Partner Smile TodaySometimes we get caught-up in the hustle of the day and forget to stop for a moment and acknowledge the ones we love. So, here are four easy things you can do to make your partner's day today that will show them you care.
Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World? - 02/17/2017Every Friday at 8:25am, we play Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World! See how well you do guessing the answer to these stupid criminal stories!
Why You Smiling? - 02/17/2017 - The Morning MIXWe love hearing great news and Central Floridians call in every Friday and share their great news with us! Listen to what we heard this morning!!

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