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Ghoulish Halloween CocktailsTry these spooky cocktails for your next Halloween party!
Here Are Some Great Pumpkin Carving TipsYou try every year to get the perfect jack-o'-lantern and unfortunately, you come up just short of what you were hoping for.
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (10/20/16)What would be the reason you would NOT vote for your spouse if they were running for President? Plus we asked what weird thing were you or someone you know named after? All that and more, it's The Morning MIX podcast!
Kid Smarts With Laila From Apopka! 10/20/2016Laila is from Apopka and in 3rd grade! She's 8 years old and LOVES softball! Do you think she will know the name of the first person to walk on the moon? Laila was the star of "Kid Smarts" on the Morning MIX today, check her out!
The Morning MIX - Bet You Didn't Know! 10/20/16Why was Lenny Kravitz sued on this day many years ago? Why are we talking about Snookie again? How old is Snoop Dogg today? The Morning MIX 10/20/16 - Bet You Didn't Know!
Adam's Fun Facts: Epcot, Samsung, GIF File Format & More!What company owns the GIF file format copyright? What did the company Samsung start out as? When is the last time a country was added to Epcot's World Showcase? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
Kid Smarts With Megan From Lake Mary! 10/19/2016Meet Megan from Lake Mary! She's in 5th grade and enjoys cheerleading. Megan was the star of "Kid Smarts" on the Morning MIX today, check her out!
Community Connection - Canine Companions For IndependenceMarty Fisher and Martha Johnson talk about the importance of Canine Companions in our community.
Kid Smarts Open House Today!Today is the day and we want to meet your kids! Bring the by the Mix 105.1 studios because Dana from the Morning MIX wants to make them the next big radio star!
Adam's Fun Facts: Lose Change, Bubble Gum, Tennis Rules & More!Here's a question for you, any idea why bubble gum is pink? How about this, can you name the only country that has more cars than people? Finally, how much do you think Americans throw away in change a year? It's Adam's Fun Facts!
Adam's Fun Facts: Hootie and the Blowfish, Lighters, Jaguar Automobile's & More!What famous wedding did Hootie and the Blowfish play for? What year were lighters invented? Why would Freddie Mercury stop a recording session he was doing with Michael Jackson? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
Kid Smarts With Olivia From Sanford! 10/18/2016Meet 5 year old Olivia from Sanford! She was the star of "Kid Smarts" earlier today with the Morning MIX, check her out!
The Greatest Horror Movies Of The 21st CenturyWith Halloween just around the corner, a good scary flick to watch at home sounds like the perfect plan, right? So, "Rolling Stone" just dropped a list of the 50 best and we're gonna get all cute because it's Halloween and give you the Top 13...
Two Tricks For Clearing A Stuffy NoseIt's not even pollen season in Orlando, but it seems like a lot of people are walking around with the sniffles and sneezes. When that happens, the most annoying thing is not being able to breathe easily out of your nose.So, here are two strange tricks that actually work to help you breathe more easily.
"Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM" Holiday Show Coming To Disney's Hollywood StudiosWalt Disney World has announced a replacement show that will feature beloved characters from Disney films and one ingredient Floridians are sure to love . . . SNOW!
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (10/17/16)What has your boss asked you to do that was NOT in your job description? Jay, Dana & Adam recap their weekend with "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" plus we played "Know The Show!"
Kid Smarts With Cooper From Lake Mary! 10/17/2016Cooper lives in Lake Mary and is 7 years old! He likes football and fishing and is in the first grade. He is also a triplet! Do you think he will know what relish is made of?
The Morning MIX - Bet You Didn't Know! 10/17/16The Morning MIX - Bet You Didn't Know! 10/17/16The very first Cadillac was produced on this day in what year? National Boss Day is today as well! How old is @ChrisKirkPatrick today?
Bob Saget's All-Time Favorite Video After * Years Hosting "America's Funniest Home Videos"Bob Saget hosted "America's Funniest Home Videos" for eight years and after all those videos, Bob said this is the one is his all-time favorite! If you like really gross and really funny, this video is for you!
Adam's Fun Facts: 1st Phone Book, Beastie Boys, Football & More!Was football ever an Olympic sport? What was in the very first phone book? What type of music did the Beastie Boys originally play? Was Jethro Tull a real person? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
Acoustic Sunrise Setlist: 10.16.16Here's your Acoustic Sunrise Setlist for October 16, 2016.
Kid Smarts With Ava From Sanford! 10/14/2016Meet Ava from Sanford! She's 9 years old and likes running track and doing Math! Let's see how she does playing "Kid Smarts" with the Morning MIX!
Adam's Fun Facts: The Boston Massacre, French Coffee Press, "The Simpsons" & More!What show did FOX move "The Simpsons" to Thursday nights to compete against? How many people were killed in The Boston Massacre? What's the longest song that ever made it to the Billboard Top 10? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!!
Mix Movie Reviews: "The Accountant"The Accountant is nothing short of intense (and far-fetched) but its multitude of plot twists should keep viewers captivated.
This Airline Is Creating A Child Free Zone On Their Flights: Good Or Bad?Do you think a child free zone on an airline is beneficial?
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (10/13/16)What really weird thing does your pet do? What are your kids better at than you are? Plus we played Get It Wrong And Win! All that and more, it's The Morning MIX podcast!
Honey Mustard Turmeric ChickenTurmeric has an earthy flavor that makes it a great ingredient for fall foods.
The Top-Earning Celebrities That Are No Longer With UsThis is crazy! How does the top-earning dead celebrity make $825 million last year? These celebrities are making more money than any of us every will combined and multiplied by 100! See who came in at #1 and who else made the list...
Adam's Fun Facts: Post-It Notes, AXE Body Spray, Wild Jaguars & More!What do they call AXE body spray in other countries? How did we get the wonderful invention of Post-It notes? How many wild jaguars live in the United States? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
Kid Smarts With Owen From Orlando! 10/13/2016Owen is 5 years old and in Kindergarten! He lives in Orlando and LOVES dinosaurs. Do you think he will know what color a polar bear is? Listen to this little guy play "Kid Smarts" with the Morning MIX!

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