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The Top 10 Least Stressful Jobs In The United States!Chances are your job doesn't deal with life or death matters on a daily basis, even though it may feel that way at times! Work place stress is as real as it gets though! That's why I thought it would be interesting to see what the least stressful jobs are today!
Adam's Fun Facts: Tortoise's, Olympics, Indiana & More!What is the land speed record for a tortoise? What is the official name for a person that lives in Indiana? What do the 4th through 8th place Olympians get? The answers are all here with Adam's Fun Facts!
Maid Of Honor Ruins WeddingFlorida woman ruins brides wedding...
Louis Tomlinson Featured On New Steve Aoki Track "Just Hold On"One Direction's Louis Tomlinson has had quite the past few years since the band went on hiatus.
Yelp Names Top Dessert Places In OrlandoYelp named the top 10 dessert locations in Orlando and they will all definitely cure that craving.
Kid Smarts With Rachel From Apopka! 01/13/2017Rachel is 8 years old and lives in Apopka! She's in 3rd grade and loves reading for fun! She also has a case of the giggles and I bet you that you can't listen to this without laughing during her introduction!
Jimmy Fallon Bringing "Tonight Show" To Orlando For #FallonRide OpeningYou'll experience the sights, sounds, and even smells of New York all a part of this state-of-the-art attraction!
Why You Smiling - The Morning MIX - 01/13/2017We love to hear and spread good news and every Friday at 7:20 we ask YOU to call and tell us, "Why You Smiling?"
Mix Movie Reviews: "Patriots Day"Kudos to the filmmakers who keep the story going and the audience engaged.
Bet You Didn't Know - The Morning MIX - 01/13/2017Can Adam stayed sucked in the entire video? Will Dana know how old @DrewBrees is today? Is Jay awesome at Frisbee? It's Bet You Didn't Know with The Morning MIX!
4 Stats And Superstitions About Friday The 13thIf you're freaked out because today is Friday the 13th, you're not alone. Lots of people are very superstitious and some won't even leave the house today because they consider today bad luck. Here's four stats about Friday the 13th and the superstitions that accompany the day...
Adam's Fun Facts: Roller Skates, White Castle, Friday The 13th & More!What city and country is the place with the least amount of air pollution in the world? When and where were roller skates invented? What was the first fast food burger chain in the United States?
Is Disney Channel's "Wizards Of Waverly Place" Getting A Reunion?Over the weekend, Selena Gomez and David Henrie of Wizards of Waverly Place had a little reunion get together over wine and food and they took a trip down memory lane!
Universal Orlando Announce 2017 Mardi Gras LineupMardi Gras at Universal Orlando Resort is kicking off in less than 2 months, and the concert lineup has been revealed!
[WATCH] Michelle Obama Surprises Jimmy Fallon GuestsFirst Lady Michelle Obama surprises guests while they record their 'goodbyes' to her.
Kid Smarts With Fabrizio From St. Cloud! 01/12/2017Meet 13- year old Fabrizio from St. Cloud! He loves playing soccer and he was the star of "Kid Smarts" on the Morning MIX today! Have a listen and find out how he did!
Selena Gomez And The Weeknd Get CozySelena Gomez has found herself a new man!
[WATCH] Why I4 And 408 Are TerribleThe hilarious answers to why we battle I4 and 408.
Celebrities Who Met President ObamaCheck out which 40 celebrities were lucky enough to meet President Obama.
Kid Smarts With Lia From Winter Garden! 01/11/2017Lia loves acting and lives in Winter Garden! She is in 2nd grade and is 7 years old. Do you think she will know what the name of the frog in The Muppet's is? Listen to her play "Kid Smarts" on The Morning MIX!
4 Tricks To Make Your Kids Eat Healthy FoodsGetting your kids to eat healthy can sometimes be one of life's greatest challenges. However, it can be done, but it just might involve a little outsmarting the little ones! Here's what you can do...
Bet You Didn't Know - The Morning MIX - 01/11/2017Only 3 birthdays today and one of us gets really cocky until they find out they are wrong! Plus, Dana shows her Harry Potter knowledge, we got a new network on this day and we find out what year the very first lottery was!
Adam's Fun Facts: Heaviest Dog, IBM, Madam C.J. Walker & More!How much did the heaviest dog ever recorded weigh? Who was the first self-made, female millionaire and what did she do to get her money? What U.S. company holds the most patents?
You Really Get Healthy By Working Out Only 2 Days A Week!There's a good chance you're one of the millions of people who made a New Year's resolution to get in better shape this year, maybe lose some weight? Well do you think you could handle working out just 2 days a week??
10 "Girly" Things Guys Would Do If It Were Socially Acceptable!On a slow news day, Reddit decided to ask a whole bunch of dudes what "girly" thing they would do if it were acceptable in social situations! Here are ten of the most popular "girly" things a guy would do if it was socially acceptable!
A Man Is Giving His Wife A Kidney For Their 20th Wedding Anniversary!The traditional gift for your 20th wedding anniversary is fine china. Then, there's this guy in Suffolk, Virginia named Scott Chafian and he is going with a very NON-traditional gift this year. He and his wife Cindy are celebrating their 20th anniversary on January 25th. Would you do this for YOUR spouse?
Adam's Fun Facts: Domino's Pizza, Martha Stewart, "Seven-Year Itch" & More!Why does the Domino's Pizza logo have three dots? How many times has Martha Stewart been struck by lightning? Where do we get the term "seven-year itch"? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
A Horse Breaks Down During Owner's Funeral ProcessionYou've heard stories of dogs being heartbroken when an owner passes away. You may have even seen videos of dogs laying around whimpering trying to cope with the loss.
"Kid Smarts" With Kylie From Apopka! 01/10/2017Kiley is 7 years old and in 2nd grade in Apopka and she enjoys cheerleading. Let's test her knowledge with another round of "Kid Smarts" with the Morning MIX!
Couple Asks For An Odd & Frugal Wedding GiftThis couple came up with the cutest idea for their wedding gift requests.

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