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Orlando's Own Carrot Top Chats With Alex Diaz About His Return To The Orlando StageA conversation with homegrown comedian Carrot Top.
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (11/20/15)Comedian Carlos Mencia joined the Morning MIX in-studio to talk about his dysfunctional Thanksgiving. Plus, Laurie from The Dream Zone analyzes dreams and we play "FL...Or Anywhere Else in the World!"
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (10/26/15)Andy Grammer joins the Morning MIX to talk "Dancing With the Stars" and his crazy schedule on the road! Plus, the bear hunt in Florida has been called off. Are you for or against the hunt?
Get 'Insider Tips' For Busch Gardens' 'Howl-O-Scream'!
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (05/07/15)Did you miss the one and only Dr. Oz on-the-air with Scott, Dana and Jay earlier this morning? Have a listen, plus the Morning MIX plays another hilarious round of "You're A Liar!" Listen to Scott, Dana and Jay tell their stories and see if you can spot the lie.
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (03/06/15)Kevin Hart joined Scott McKenzie & The Morning MIX on the air earlier today! Hear the interview, plus play a lightning round of "Florida...Or Anywhere Else in the World" and see if you beat Dana and Adam!
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (02/19/15)Academy Award-Winning actor joins The Morning MIX and why do artists refuse to collaborate with Kelly Clarkson?
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (02/12/15)Dr. Oz weighs-in on a diet fad that you need to avoid at all costs! Plus, are Kanye and Taylor heading to the studio to record?
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (02/02/15)The good, bad and the ugly from the Super Bowl! Plus, Lifehouse was announced as the headliner set to perform on Feb. 21st at the Downtown Food and Wine Fest and the Morning MIX chats with lead singer Jason Wade!
The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (01/30/15)There are 6 types of people to avoid at the Super Bowl party! Plus, Jordan Knight from NKOTB predicts the Super Bowl winner and has a little fun with his bandmates on-air!
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Dr. Oz Talks Ebola Anxiety, Belly Fat And How To Get A Good Nights SleepWhen it comes to Ebloa and our anxiety with staying safe and healthy, we go to the best for advice and that's Dr. Oz! From Ebola and the panic its placed on our country to losing unwanted belly fat, Dr. Oz weighs-in and shares some great advice with the Morning MIX!
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Play The Pyramid To Win Backstage PassesFind out how you could head backstage at the All I Want For Christmas Show.
20 Things You Didn't Know About Bruno Mars

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