The 10 Best Tourist Attractions In AmericaWe already know that here in Central Florida we have the best of the best when it comes to tourist attractions. Some of our local favorites even made the list of the best tourist attractions in America!
Bet You Didn't Know - The Morning MIX - -4/25/2017Watch Dana's penguin impersonation, she nailed it! Plus, today is National Mani-Pedi Day, so treat yourself! And can Dana make it two-in-a-row in the celebrity birthday game?
Is Jay A Good Dad Or A Bad Dad: FSA Testing Debate!Is Jay a good Dad or a bad Dad because of his opinion of the FSA testing and preparation that teachers are putting his kids through?
Kelly Osbourne On The Morning MIX! 04/25/2017Kelly Osbourne was on The Morning MIX to talk about all kinds of things including her new book! You can listen to the interview here in case you missed it!
Kid Smarts With Jaxson From Deltona! 04/25/2017 Jaxson is out youngest player in the history of Kid Smarts! At 3 years old, he listened, thought and answered each question! You are going to love hearing him play Kid Smarts!!
Today Is National Telephone Day! Here's How To Celebrate?Today is #NationalTelephoneDay so make some calls and wish people well! Here's some history on the phone and some ideas on how YOU can celebrate!
The Newest Dating Term Is Called "Haunting"!As a married man for 17 years, I don't really have access to all the new dating terms that come and go but with 2 daughters (8 and 11) I NEED to! So here is the latest term to come about in this world of social media.
Adam's Fun Facts: Holy Roman Empire, Tylenol, "Jeopardy" Theme Song & More!Who did Merv Griffin originally write the "Jeopardy" theme for? What over the counter drug can help you with an existential crisis? When did the Holy Roman Empire dissolved? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
Know The Show - The Morning MIX - 04/24/2017On Monday's at 9:25am, The Morning MIX plays a game they call "Know The Show"! How well do YOU know Jat, Dana & Adam? Listen to the game and see!
Are You "Normal" When It Comes To Your Eating Out Habits?When it comes to eating out, we all love to do it but once we get to the restaurant, we differ greatly! See if you are in the majority from this study!
Kid Smarts With Anna From Orlando! 04/24/2017You are going to fall in love with this little girl, Anna! She's 5, in Pre-K and lives in Orlando. She's going to tell you three things she loves to do and you are going to get an instant smile on your face!
Bet You Didn't Know - The Morning MIX - 04/24/2017Today is New Kids On The Block day in the USA, but someone on the #MorningMIX doesn't believe it! Plus, what did Sheryl Crow suggest all of us do 10 years ago?

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