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The Morning MIX "Either - Or" Game - Thanksgiving EditionHow normal are you and your family when it comes to Thanksgiving? Seems like a loaded question huh? Answer these 12 questions and see how your answers compare to Jay, Dana and Adam.
8 Items On The Menu You're Paying Way Too Much ForThis is crazy! We know restaurants have little tricks they use to make more money and we're ok with it because of the convenience. But, this is pretty crazy because I know I've fallen for at least 7 of these tricks!
Ellen Has Been Named The Kindest CelebrityWhen you think of kind celebrities, who comes to mind? Did you think of Ellen? What about Kim Kardashian? OK, maybe that one was a bit of a stretch! NBC News did a survey asking who you think the kindest celebrity is and here's the results...
Orlando Named One Of The Best Cities For VeteransToday is Veteran's Day and it makes me proud to say that Orlando was ranked in the top 5 best cities for Veterans! Here's why...
What Was In Dana's Hotel Bed Waiting For Her?Dana had to spend the night once again in a hotel while her house is under construction. She chose a different hotel this time because the last one was just gross. However, when she went to climb into bed, look what was waiting for her...
10 Signs You're A Competitive Mom Or DadBeing a great parent isn't a competition, or is it? Read these 10 signs and you'll immediately know!
3 Awesome Apps To Make Trick-Or-Treating Safer For You And The KidsIf your kids are going trick-or-treating with friends this year, here are three free apps to help keep them safe. As long as they have a phone with them, they can use these apps with you and they're pretty fantastic!
The 10 Best And Worst Cities For HalloweenMore than likely you're not planning on doing any traveling for Halloween to the city with the best candy. Usually you just find out which neighborhood has full-size candy bars and you go there. But if you want to know the ten best and cities for Trick-or-Treating this year, we can tell you where to go and where to avoid.
UCF Coach George O'Leary Announces His Immediate RetirementAfter more than 10-years as the head football coach at UCF, George O'Leary announced his immediate retirement.
The 10 Healthiest And Least Healthy SodasAre your kids begging you to have soda after school or with dinner and your answer is always, "No!" Well, in case you change your mind, consider giving them one of the sodas of the healthy list. Here's the 10 healthiest sodas and the 10 least healthy...
The 10 Best Jobs In AmericaIf you ask your kid what they want to be when they grow up and they tell you one of these ten jobs, then job well done Mom and Dad! Here's a list of very good jobs with bright futures and great pay!
The 12 Most Popular Halloween Costumes For AdultsHalloween is next weekend and since you haven't come up with a cool costume yet, why not just give in and wear what everyone else is wearing?
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