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The Unofficial Dessert Of All 50 States

If you want to make millions of Americans angry at the same time, here’s how you do it: Make generalizations about their state and their dessert preferences. Done and done, here’s the list!


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The Ten Sexiest Names For Men In 2014

What’s a name that just rolls off a woman’s tongue and makes her think passion and sexiness? Ummm, we didn’t think any of these! Not that there’s anything wrong with them, but we just never considered them sexy. Here’s the top 10…


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The Top 10 Things Moms Save From Their Kids’ Early Years

Somewhere in your parent’s house, probably up in the 150 degree attic, there’s a box that’s a shrine to you from the first few years of your life. A new survey asked Moms to name the things they’ve kept from their child’s early years that they cherish the most. Here are the top 10…


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The Highest-Paid Male TV Actors

Forbes released their annual list of The Highest-Paid Male TV Actors and for the 3rd year in a row, “Two and a Half Men” star Ashton Kutcher came in at #1.


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9 Things That Are Fine Here, But Offensive In Other Countries

If you’ve ever been to Europe, you probably know you’re not usually expected to tip over there. But did you know that in Japan tipping is actually considered an insult if you do? Here are nine other ways you can offend someone while vacationing overseas.



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