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6 Things You Think Are Filthy That Aren’t

Here’s some good news for you! There’s a bunch of stuff you’ve always considered to be cesspools of filth that actually don’t have very many germs at all. Here are six things that made the list . . .


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The 10 Best And Worst Jobs For 2014

If you only paid extra attention in math class to become a mathlete, you’d finally be hot right now! Why? Because mathematician came in at #1 on the list of best jobs! What’s the worst?


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The Ten Things Women Stop Wearing Once They Become Mothers

Apparently the people that took this survey think that once you become a Mom you have to lose any sense of fashion or desire to look sexy. Well, for the most part ,we disagree with several of these! Here are 10 things the folks at Female First think you need to stop wearing once you’re a Mom.


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The Best And Worst Foods To Eat Before Bed

You always hear how you shouldn’t eat anything before bed. But there are some foods that help you sleep better, as well as a bunch that make it harder. Yahoo has a list of the five best and worst foods to eat before bed.


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5 Signs The Guy You’re Dating Is Playing You

If you’re worried the guy you’re dating is playing you, here are five red flags you should look out for.