The 10 Greatest Breakfast Cereals Of All TimeWhen it comes to cereal, each and every one of us have a personal favorite. So, when it comes to naming the 10 best cereals of all-time, sure it's up for debate. However, Mr. Breakfast recently names the "10 Greatest Breakfast Cereals of All Time" and I'm not sure who he asked, but I don't think anyone will agree with their #1 pick!
8 Stats About You And Your CareerThe Morning MIX played a game of "High-Low" earlier today with random stats relating to your career. For example, the average person will be late to work 940 times, is that too high or too low for you? Here's seven more stats....
68th Annual Emmy Award WinnersIn case you missed the 68th Annual Emmys last night, here's a list of all the winners! Did your favorite show win an award?
6 Life Skills They Should Teach Kids In SchoolSeveral states now make kids learn CPR in high school and I think that's a brilliant idea! However, there are several other practical skills that would be great if our kids could learn in school, too! See what you think of these six suggestions and tell us if you'd add one to the list...
7 Things That Are Proven To Help Kids SucceedA researcher at Johns Hopkins started tracking kids and their success in the 60s and followed their progress for 45 years to see what people can do to help their kids succeed and we have the results. Here are seven things that are proven to work from The Independent.
5 Words You Might Be Saying came up with the five words we mispronounce the most. They based it on how many people click the audio button next to a word online, to see how to pronounce it. Here are the results...
What's The Right Age For Your Kid To...What's the appropriate age for your kid to go on a sleepover or to stay home along? Sure every kid is different, but we're not completely sure we agree with the ages suggested by this survey!
School Update: Tropical Storm HermineTropical Storm Hermine is set to make landfall in the Big Bend area around 2 AM Friday morning, but rain and wind have canceled school activities around Central Florida. Here's what we know so far...
7 Things People Have Done To Lose A Ton Of WeightWhat's one thing you can do to lose weight? Well, a bunch of people who lost a ton of weight revealed the one change that helped them do it. Some lost 20 pounds, some 50 and one man lost almost 200! Here's a few ways they melted away the pounds...
A Dallas Teacher Isn't Assigning Homework This Year To Give Kids More Family TimeThere's a 2nd grade teacher named Brandy Young and a letter she sent home to parents last week is going viral, because it said she's not assigning any homework this year.
How To Stop Big Brother From Tracking You On Your PhoneEarlier today, the Morning MIX told you about big brother tracking your every move! Whether you're an iPhone user or Android, it doesn't matter, you're still being tracked. They know where you live, where you work, where you take your kids to soccer practice and more! Want to know how to turn it off?
4 Sleep Tips From The OlympiansTired of being tired all the time? If you toss and turn every night and start your morning exhausted, it's time to make a change! Here are four tips the Huffington Post shared from U.S.A. Olympians to getting a good night's sleep.

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