6 New Stats About Your Tummy And The Big GameSome people will go to the party on Sunday to watch the big game, while others will go just for the food and commercials. Whatever the reason, one thing that's for sure is that we will eat and drink , and then eat and drink a little more, and more...Check out these food and drink stats!
9 Ways To Help Land That 2nd DateHave you ever been on a 1st date that you thought went well, only to never get the call for that 2nd date? Here's 9 stats on what to order and what to talk about to help you land that 2nd date!
Scientists Figured Out The Trick To Eating Less PizzaThis is just about the dumbest thing I've ever heard! First of all, why would I ever want to eat LESS pizza? Secondly, they actually spent money at a well-known university to tell us something this ridiculous? Well, if it works, I guess go for it!
4 Foods Most Likely To Give You Food PoisoningIt's not that hole-in-the-wall restaurant you're going to that's going to give you food poisoning. It could be one of your favorite restaurants and one of the most popular menu items!
Bring The Kids To MIX105.1 Today For Our Open HouseToday is the day and we want to meet your kids! Bring the by the MIX105.1 studios because Adam from the Morning MIX wants to make them the next big radio star!
5 Five Reasons To Exercise That Have Nothing To Do With Losing WeightMaybe your New Year's resolution was to start exercising to lose some extra pounds and now they're not coming off as easy as they did in the beginning. Well, don't stop! Here are 5 reasons you need to keep hitting the gym!
Good News For Men With Beards!Whether you think a beard on a man is hot or not, there's finally some good news for our manly men with facial hair...specifically beards!
10 Complaints Wives Have About Their HusbandsYou're probably thinking, only 10? There's not enough time in the day to get to all of them. So, check out the top 10 from Redbook and see if you have any of the same gripes about your main squeeze.
The Stats Are In On Parenting Hot TopicsWhen it comes to parenting, each of us have our own opinions and beliefs and usually we feel very strongly about them. So, how do you fare when it comes to hot topics involving our kids?
Celebrating 25 Years Of Scott McKenzie On Your RadioOn Monday, January 18th, we are celebrating 25 years of Scott McKenzie on your radio! How will we do this? The way Scott knew how and that's by making you laugh!
5 Weird Ways To Make Your Food Last LongerTired of fruits and vegetables turning brown and getting limp just days after getting them home from the store? Here are 5 tips that will make your food last longer!
Winning Powerball Ticket Sold Locally In FloridaThree lucky winners will share a Powerball jackpot of $1.6 Billion and one of those winners is from Florida and now we know where!

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