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The Four Things Women Wear When They’re in a Good Mood And The Two Things They Wear When They’re Not

I’m not sure I’m buying this study out of the University of Queensland in Australia, but apparently it’s true. There are 4 things women wear when they’re happy and Dana agrees with all 4 of them. However, there are two things women wear when they’re grumpy and this is where I disagree…


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The Three Best And Worst Fonts For A Resume

Did you turn in a resume thinking you had a really good shot at getting a job? Turns out you didn’t even get a call back? Well, the reason could be the font you chose! talked to business experts to find out the top three fonts you should and shouldn’t use on a resume and why.


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10 Talents We Wish We Had

Is there someone in your life you admire and look up to because they can do something you can’t? For example, I would LOVE to be able to play the piano, but there’s just no way. Here are 10 talents we wish we had…


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4 Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well

Tired of your boring job or don’t feel like you’re making enough money? Here are four jobs from Yahoo that pay surprisingly well and we’re pretty sure there’s no degree needed for any of them!


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4 Tricks For Making A Great First Impression

Are you meeting someone for the first time this week or maybe going on a blind date? According to Time, there are four tricks you can do to make a great first impression.