[PHOTOS] Random Acts Of Kindness With SimonMed ImagingOne small act of kindness can go a long way! We surprised random people all over Central Florida with free gas, movie tickets, breakfast, shoes and more and it was all made possible by SimonMed Imaging. Check out all of the pictures here.
Elia Esparza Brings Back Selena On 'The Voice'Elia Esparza channeled her inner Selena covering 'Como La Flor'
Tank Ya Tuesday With Mix 105.1Mix 105.1 wants to thank you for listening by topping off your tank with free gas from Circle K!
The Morning MIX Podcast! 09/30/2016Why You Smiling? Plus Florida Or Anywhere Else In The World and psychic and spiritual healer Gary Spivey! All that and more, it's The Morning MIX podcast!
Kid Smarts With Marisa From Debary! 09/30/2016Marisa is 5 years old and lives in Debary! She is in Kindergarten and loves gymnastics and swimming! Do you think she will know what sport Tiger Woods is famous for? It's Marisa, the STAR of Kid Smarts for today!
The Morning MIX - Bet You Didn't Know - 09/30/2016The Morning MIX - Bet You Didn't Know! #NationalChewingGumDay and #HugAVegetarianDay Plus Dana and Adam are WAY off on a couple birthday's and Jay shows that he hasn't been keeping up with the life of @RandyQuaid
Parents Are Spending Way More Time With The Kiddos Than Parents Were 50 Years Ago!You would think, as busy as you are, that you are getting less quality time with your kiddos than parents did in past years! It turns out the OPPOSITE is true.
Adam's Fun Facts: Cocoa Beans, Amazon, American Samoa & More!What is the only movie to win a "Razzie" and an "Oscar"? Who is the only President to ever visit American Samoa? What country does 33% of the worlds cocoa beans come from? All that and more with Adam's Fun Facts!
Mix Movie Reviews: 'Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children'The true star here is Green, who as Miss Peregrine, the loving headmistress who is able to change herself into a bird at a moment's notice, is radiant.
Mix Movie Reviews: "Queen Of Katwe"Disney has yet again knocked it out of the park with 'Queen of Katwe.'
Live From Random Acts Of Kindness Day With SimonMed ImaginingFollow our live blog as the Mix 105.1 crews, along with SimonMed Imagine, hit Central Florida with Random Acts of Kindness!
Lady Gaga Officially Named The Halftime Show Headliner For The 2017 Superbowl!Lady Gaga is the 5th female to headline the Superbowl halftime show. Can you name the other four females?

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