Kid Smarts With Valine From Orlando! 05/05/2017

Valine lives in Orlando and is in 3rd grade!  She is 8 years old and likes to sew, swim and dance!  Do you think she will know how many feet are in a yard?  Listen to her play Kid Smarts!!

If you play Kid Smarts with us at 7:35am next week, we’ll hook you up with 4 Sunday passes to MEGACON ORLANDO at the Orange County Convention Center May 25th-28th!

If you want your little one to be the star of “Kid Smarts,” you need to bring them in! We record the kiddos on Wednesday’s from 2:30pm to 4pm! We take one Wednesday off a month so that means the next date we will be recording is May 10th! Call 407.919.1051 if you need information or directions!

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