Are You “Normal” When It Comes To Your Eating Out Habits?

Do you love going out to eat?  Of course you do, we all do!  But once we get to the restaurant, apparently our preferences start splintering in all sorts of different directions.

A new survey by Buzzfeed tells our restaurant habits, see where you fit in!

1. 85% of people will pick a booth over a standard table.

2. 71% would rather sit inside than outside.

3. 63% order pretty much the exact same thing every time they go to a restaurant.

4. Only 38% try to order something healthy.

5. 41% have NEVER eaten at a restaurant alone.

6. 35% don’t wait for everyone else’s food to come out before they start eating.

7. 58% of people like it when the staff sings “Happy Birthday” but 38% only like it if it isn’t their birthday.

8. 6% of people get dessert every single time they go out to eat. 19% never get it.

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