The 10 Most Common And The 10 Weirdest Things People Have Left Behind In An Uber!

People are constantly leaving things behind in Ubers.   That’s nothing new, I am sure we could do a similar list for taxi’s when they had taxi’s.  Do they still have taxi’s?  Anyway, according to Uber here are the 10 most common things left behind and then (the better list) the 10 Weirdest hings people have left behind in an Uber!


The top 10 things people leave behind are:

    1. phone
    2. rings
    3. keys
    4. wallet
    5. glasses
    6. purse
    7. license or ID
    8. gloves
    9. phone charger
    10. sunglasses.

All those make perfect sense. Now for the fun list!

They also released the 50 WEIRDEST things that drivers have had someone leave in their car.

My 10 favorites are:

    1. valuable Nordic walking poles
    2. a bulletproof vest
    3. salsa verde
    4. a vacuum cleaner
    5. a diary
    6. a Nintendo
    7. a smoke machine
    8. a cutout of an elf
    9. a potted plant
    10. and a lobster

You can see the entire list of weird things, all 50, right Here!

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