Are You Normal? How Often Do You Wash Your Bra? Sheets? Towels?

The Morning MIX asked how often you wash things like your sheets and jeans and turns out all three of them are a little gross! A new survey asked people how long they go between washing some things and are the results…

1. Jeans- According to Buzzfeed, 10% of people wash their jeans every single time they wear them and 44% do it at least once a week. However, 28% go at least a month and 18% will hold out for months and only wash them once they get a stain.

2. Towels- 9% of people wash them after every use, 43% of people wash them once a week and 15% wash them whenever they get around to it.

3. Sheets- 44% wash them every week or every other week. Another 35% wash them once a month and 21% use them indefinitely and only throw them in the laundry when the sheets can get up and walk themselves to the laundry room.

4. Bras- Only 5% wash them after every use, 56% go one or two weeks and 33% wait until they have an odd odor. Women are much more aggressive with their sports bras though, 41% wash them after every use.

5. Underwear- 97% of people wash their underwear after they wear it once. 3% of “people” sometimes re-wear the same pair even if it’s dirty. That’s just nasty, come on now.

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