Your Boss Will Judge You If You Have Messy Desk… OR A Clean One!

Having a messy desk is very unprofessional, we all know that.  Did you know that having a desk that is TOO clean may be considered unprofessional as well?!

A new survey from PR Newswire found 54% of bosses say it’s a red flag when one of their employees’ desks is too messy but 10% say they’re suspicious of an employee whose desk is too CLEAN!

Sadly, they didn’t get into the reasons why, but I’m thinking it could be because a clean desk makes it seem like your workload is too light because you have enough time to constantly straighten up.

We have all heard that a messy desk is linked to creativity, so maybe having a clean desk could show you’re too uptight and uncreative.

Personally, it takes everything I have to keep my desk as clean as I have it and it really isn’t that clean.  To me, it is immaculate!

My (Adam) desk is on the right, Jay’s is on the left!

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