Adam’s Fun Facts: Stevie Wonder, Nails On A Chalk Board, Oregon & More!

What is the word for that feeling you get when someone runs their nails down a chalk board?  Yes, THAT feeling you just got. it has a name!  Learn that and four other FACTS with Adam’s Fun Facts:

1. The word “grima” describes the feeling you get when you hear fingernails on a chalkboard or a knife scratching a plate. (New Scientist)

2. Michigan is the only state where cops are allowed to have sex with prostitutes during investigations. (Michigan Radio)

3. Stevie Wonder played the harmonica on a song called “My God” on Steven Seagal’s debut album in 2005. (Los Angeles Times)

4. Saddam Hussein wrote a romance novel in 2000 called “Zabibah and the King”. It was about a woman who leaves her cruel husband for the king in medieval Iraq. (Wikipedia)

5. Oregon is the only U.S. state with a flag that’s different on both sides. One side says “State of Oregon, 1859” and has the state seal, the other side shows a beaver chewing a log. (State Symbols)

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