Adam’s Fun Facts: St. Louis Olympics, Ramen Noodles, Sriracha & More!

What year did the United States dominate the Olympics in St. Louis?  How many packages of ramen noodles do Americans eat per year?  How did Snow White end originally?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts!

1. All of the left-handed batters in baseball history have a batting average seven points higher than the right-handed batters, .270 to .263. There are tiny advantages to being a lefty that can add up, like being one step closer to first base when they hit. (Hardball Times)

2. In the Grimm Brothers’ original version of “Snow White”, the story ends with the evil queen being forced to put on burning hot iron shoes and dance in them until she died. (Pitt)

3. St. Louis hosted the third Olympics, which were in 1904. They lasted five months and only 11 other countries sent athletes so the United States DOMINATED.  The United States won 239 medals while no other country even won 15.  (Mashable)

4. People around the world ate almost 98 BILLION packages of ramen noodles last year. That’s approximately 14 packages for every single person. (BBC)

5. Sriracha has a rooster on the bottle because the guy who created it was born in 1945, which was the Year of the Rooster.  (Wikipedia)

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