Adam’s Fun Facts: Chlorine, Madonna, Mountain Climbing & More!

What was the name of Madonna’s band before she was famous?  What year did we start adding chlorine to pools and why? What is the deadliest mountain to climb?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts!

1. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards randomly met each other at a train station in 1961. Mick was 18, Keith was 17, and they started talking about a blues record that Mick was holding. (BBC)

2. The deadliest mountain in the world is the Annapurna One in Nepal. 25% of the people who’ve tried to climb it have died. Mount Everest’s death rate is “only” 3.8%, which makes it the 11th deadliest. (Wikipedia)

3. The term “hooker” started in the 1820s when prostitutes would hang out in a part of Manhattan called Corlear’s Hook. (Wikipedia)

4. Chlorine was added to pools in the 1950s because it could kill polio. (History of Vaccines)

5. Before she was famous, Madonna was in a band called the Breakfast Club. (Wikipedia)

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