Adam’s Fun Facts: First Woman Ph.D, MLB Baseballs, “Cast Away” & More

What inspired the screenwriter of “Cast Away” to use a volleyball as a best friend?  How many books are in The Library of Congress?  What year did the the first woman get a Ph.D. in the United States? All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts!

1. The Library of Congress is only the second biggest library in the world. It has about 160 million items in its catalog the British Library in London has 170 million. (Wikipedia)

2. Every baseball that’s used in the major and minor leagues is rubbed with special mud from New Jersey before it’s shipped. (Gizmodo)

3. Italy, Germany, and England call syphilis “French disease,” Russia calls it “Polish disease,” Poland calls it “German disease,” Denmark and Portugal call it “Spanish disease,” and Turkey calls it “Christian disease.” (NIH)

4. The screenwriter who wrote “Cast Away” spent a week alone on a deserted island for research. A volleyball washed up on the shore, which is where he got the idea for Wilson.  (Wikipedia)

5. The first woman to get a Ph.D. in the United States was named Helen Magill White. She got her doctorate in Greek from Boston University in 1877. (Wikipedia)

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