Adam’s Fun Facts: Flight Laws, Aardvarks, “Guardians Of The Galaxy” & More

Where does the word “aardvark” mean in other languages?  Who was the first U.S. President to wear full pants?  Why did Vin Diesel record all his lines for “Guardians Of The Galaxy” on stilts?  All the answers are here with Adam’s Fun Facts:

1. September, October, November, and December are all named for their positions in the old Roman calendar, when they were the seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth months. But their names don’t really make sense now that they’re all two months later in the modern calendar like, it’s strange for the 10th month to start with “octo.” (Wikipedia)

2. In the movie “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Vin Diesel recorded all of his lines on stilts to get a feel for how large and imposing Groot is. (This one if for Jay Edwards) Also, In Dutch, Afrikaans, and Flemish “Groot” translates to “big.” (Wikipedia)

3. When you’re on a plane, you’re under the laws of the country where the plane is registered, not where you take off from. So if you punch someone on an Air Canada flight that took off in the United States, you’ll face charges in Canada. (Wikipedia)

4. The word “aardvark” comes from the word “erdvark” in Afrikaans, which means “earth pig.” (Dictionary)

5. The first president to wear full pants was John Adams. George Washington only wore knee-length pants with stockings. (Time)

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