Adam’s Fun Facts: Neil Simon, Finland, Black Box & More

Why did Neil Simon intentionally write a horrible play?  What is the most rectangular country in the world?  What color is the “black box” from an airplane?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:

1. Neil Simon intentionally wrote a bad Broadway play called “Fools”, because his ex-wife had just won the rights to his next play in their divorce. So he wanted to make one that would flop.  It did, it only ran for one month in 1981. (Wikipedia)

2. Egypt is the most rectangular country in the world. The United States is 169th most rectangular. (Pappubahry)

3. The bestselling fiction author in history is either William Shakespeare or Agatha Christie. They’ve both sold somewhere between two billion and four billion books. (Wikipedia)

4. Finland has won the most gold medals in the Olympics per capita. Their population is 5.4 million and they’ve won 101 golds, that’s one for every 53,535 people. America is 22nd, with one gold for every 321,417 people. (Medals Per Capita)

5. The black box on an airplane is usually bright orange or red, not black. They were originally black, but that made them harder to find after a crash. (Popular Science)

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