Disney Emoji Blitz Is Here!

We’ve finally gotten people up off of their butts taking walks to find Pokemon…not gonna lie, it had me amused too! For the first few days or so, until I caught SO many! I became a level 5, and then my account got erased somehow!  I was pretty livid and boycotted it.

Thankfully, something wonderful came out more recently that I discovered last night. It’s the new Disney Emoji Blitz app. If you love games like ‘Candy Crush’ and ‘Bejeweled’, you’re gonna get addicted to this one. Best part? You don’t have to chase anything imaginary in your neighborhood and possibly get hit by a car. Not that i’m lazy, but i’m a bit more old fashioned I guess.

You pick a character to start off with, and while you play, you unlock new characters and collect famous things from around the Disney World parks! Did I mention that after you install the app, you can set your new keyboard in your phone to Disney characters for emojis? I was pretty entertained.

So if you’re happy with your kid chasing Pokemon in your backyard and you just want to sit on the patio eating tacos, having a drink and relaxing…this may be the app for you, especially if you’re a Disney lover😉

Have fun!

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