Adam’s Fun Facts: Potluck Dinners, San Antonio Spurs, Time Zones & More

How many times have the San Antonio Spurs made it to the playoffs?  What is a hole-in-one on a par 5 called?  In what state are potluck dinners illegal?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts:

1. The San Antonio Spurs have made the playoffs 36 times in the 40 years since they joined the NBA in 1976. And they’ve won the championship five times. (Wikipedia)

2. Potluck dinners are illegal in Arizona, and if you get caught hosting one you can get a fine or possibly even arrested. It’s a random oversight because of a legal technicality. (FOX 10 – Phoenix)

3. Emma Thompson is the only person who’s won an Oscar for both acting and writing. She won Best Actress for “Howards End” and Best Adapted Screenplay for “Sense and Sensibility”. (Wikipedia)

4. A hole-in-one on a par-5 hole in golf is called a “condor.” It’s considered the hardest thing to do in golf, and there’s never been one in a pro tournament. (Wikipedia)

5. The four American time zones didn’t become standard until 1883, when the railroads needed them to run on time. Until then, different towns kept their own time based on the sun. (History)

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