8 Foods You’re Tossing Way Too Soon

If you’re like Jay, when food gets to the date on the packaging, it goes in the trash. However, experts say you’re throwing away your food way too soon and wasting up to 11 meals annually. Here’s a list of 8 foods that have a longer shelf life than the one printed on the label.

According to the Huffington Post, these 8 foods last longer than their expiration date says. However, consume at your own risk!

1. Milk- It’s usually good for another week. (No way, sorry!)

2. Yogurt- Also about a week. (Dana will eat it a week after the date and laughs at Jay when he throws his out on the expiration date.)

3. Hot dogs- At least another week after they expire.

4. Bacon- It lasts about a week longer than the use-by date as long as it’s unopened. (Who throws away good bacon? Come on people!)

5. Eggs- They’re good for about a month after the sell-by date. (No way, not worth risking it for $1 worth of eggs.)

6. Butter- Also about a month.

7. Cream cheese- Again, it’s still good about a month after the sell-by date.

8. Cheese- A block of cheese can last up to a month-and-a-half after you open it, unless there’s mold. And even then, you can just cut it off and eat the rest. But if there’s mold in shredded cheese or soft cheeses like ricotta, throw it away.

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