The Top 50 Things Couples Argue About

If you and your mate seem to get into a lot of silly little arguments, don’t worry because you’re not alone.  What do you and your mate get into arguments about? Did yours make the list of the top 50 arguments?

The survey was done on a British site called Female First, but I’m pretty sure Brits argue about the same things we do here in the States.  Here are the top 50 things couples argue about:

What to watch on TV
What to have for dinner
Household chores
Yard chores
Taking the trash out
Washing the car
Where to vacation
What music / radio station to listen to (Duh, MIX105.1, problem solved!)
Whose turn it is to take the kids to a party
Filling the car with gas
In laws
Family events
Weekly shopping
Whose turn to cook
Pepsi ‘v coke
iPhone v others
Mac v PC
Kindle v book
What to do on days out / days off
Putting the toilet seat down
Being bored
Where to eat out
Which to-go restaurant to order from
Not replacing the TP roll
Getting out of the house in the morning
Buying the bread / milk
Booking time off
Who’s turn to do the coffee run
Leaving the house in a mess
Picking the kids up from school / friends
Picking children’s school
Whose turn to wash up (not sure if this means to do laundry or clean the house)
Leaving socks / pants on the floor
Not cleaning the bath / shower
Picking presents
Poor manners

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