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The Sexiest Hairstyles Men Like On Women

Apparently, today is Hairstyle Appreciation Day, so why don’t we all have the day off work?  Sounds like a legit holiday, right?  In honor of this fun and meaningless holiday, here are the hairstyles men find sexiest on women and vice-versa.

Here are the results here from a new survey by that had men and women rank the other gender’s sexiest and un-sexiest hair styles. Here’s what they found from The Huffington Post:

Sexiest women’s hairstyles:

Men ranked the “down and straight” look as the sexiest look on a woman. “Down and curly” ranked second. A ponytail or an up-do tied for third.

Un-sexiest women’s hairstyles:

Too greasy and dyed unnatural colors tied for the least sexy women’s hairstyle. The half-shaved, half-long trend came in third, and the bun came in fourth.

Sexiest men’s hairstyles:

The “just out of bed” look came in first, but it has to be intentional, not just messy.  Neatly combed hair came in second.

Un-sexiest men’s hairstyles:

Greasy hair was voted the least sexy men’s hairstyle. Hair that’s too unkempt came in second, which is why the “just out of bed” look needs a strategy. And hair that’s “too perfect” came in third.

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