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Ben Affleck Loses Beard At Oscars Afterparty

If you were watching the Oscars Sunday night, it was hard to miss the bearded fashion trend among the male contingent at the festivities. George Clooney, Paul Rudd, Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Pine and many more employed the unshaven look as the preferred accessory to the tux.

But for one bearded attendee, and big winner of the night, enough was enough. Ben Affleck, director and producer of Best Picture winner Argo, reportedly got rid of the scruff immediately following the awards.

Affleck apparently didn’t even bother finding a bathroom sink to take it off while at a private afterparty at Craig’s in West Hollywood. “It took place in the hallway,” a source told Yahoo’s omg! blog.

Affleck had been wearing the beard ever since he directed and starred in Argo and it wasn’t exactly looked upon fondly by wife Jennifer Garner nor his daughters Violet and Seraphina. Affleck told Yahoo! Movies,  “I kept trying to tell my littler kids [that this was for work]. But “they would say, ‘Why can’t you shave your … prickles? Shave your prickles!'”

Let’s hope they’re happy with a baby-faced daddy now!


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