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10 Common Lies That Women Tell Men

Men and women aren’t the best at communicating with one another. Men have trouble picking up subtle hints, while women have trouble directly stating what’s bothering them. So here you have it, a list from of 10 dumb lies women tell their men to avoid having to actually tell them what they’re really feeling.

Lie #1: “Nothing’s wrong.”
The truth: There is obviously something wrong or he wouldn’t have asked if everything was okay. If he is smart enough to figure out that you are unhappy, you should tell him why.

Lie #2: “Downstairs Doesn’t Matter”
The truth: Don’t worry. If you treat her like she wants to be treated, she’ll care about you enough to look past it.

Lie #3: “I don’t mind if you go to a gentleman’s club.”
The truth: Most ladies are willing to give their man a some time to go out with friends, but that doesn’t mean they should use it to get what she can’t give.

Lie #4: “I’ve never been with anyone better than you.”
The truth: The better you feel about your performance, the more likely you’ll be able to actually perform.

Lie #5: “Don’t worry that you forgot.”
The truth: She might pretend that it’s okay if you forgot a special day, but keep in mind that she will always remember that you forgot and you will endure the abuse for quite a long time.

Lie #6: “I never do this.”
The truth: Women are always quick to defend a one-night stand to keep from looking easy. Don’t be fooled. They’ve done it before and they’ll do it again.

Lie #7: “There is nothing I would change about you.”
The truth: This may have been true for the entire first week you two were together. She’s wishing she could take it back now.

Lie #8: “Your friends are great.”
The truth: There is no need for explanation.

Lie #9: “I don’t think about my ex.”
The truth: There is no difference between saying this and telling your boss that you love your job. Of course it’s not true, but why make things awkward?

Lie #10: “You’re right.”
The truth: No, you’re not. You weren’t and you never will be. This is the one thing that men and women will never agree on! Get used to it or get an attorney.

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