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Katy Perry Shocks Fans On Ellen With Drastic Hair Cut

Katy Perry has been busy recording her 4th studio album and when she appeared on Ellen a few days ago, she was sporting a much shorter hair style.

She dubbed it the “Anne Hathaway” hair do referring to Anne’s “Les Miserables” short hair style.

Ok, it was a wig, but still, Katy would look good with short hair!

The reason Katy was sporting a wig and plaid jacket was to play “Grab Ellen’s Bust.” A game where two audience members answer questions about Ellen and the first with 3 correct answers wins.

Of course the prizes were insane, like a trip to Australia and $1000.

Katy even joked she was a 2nd cousin to Bob Barker.

Katy is busy working on her 4th studio album which she said would be “dark” and is due out this Summer.

Let’s just hope it’s not completely dark and melancholic. I love upbeat cupcake bra wearing Katy Perry!

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