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Lifehouse Survive The Storm In ‘Between The Raindrops’

Lifehouse named their new album Almeria after a city in Spain where Spaghetti Westerns originated. So, it makes perfect sense that the group’s first music video for the album embodies the feel of these classic Westerns.

Shot in picturesque Box Canyon, Colorado, the video for “Between The Raindrops” featuring Natasha Bedingfield shows rolling hills, cowboys, pickup trucks and fittingly, raindrops.

Frontman Jason Wade told how the idea came together.

“We did it up at Box Canyon at our manager’s place. It lended itself to the textures of the album,” Wade explained. “The place that he lives up there, it used to be one of those Western ghost towns where they used to film all of those Westerns.”

Wade said since the band couldn’t go to Spain themselves the location seemed like the next best thing.

“The video is essentially a performance piece. Natasha [Bedingfield], myself and the band appear in different vignettes and there’s an ominous storm that’s coming towards the camera,” he said.

“I think the directors really nailed it. It is metaphoric and the song is metaphoric and [the video] represents going through tumultuous times and making it out on the other side. The sun comes out at the end. It is an artistic, beautiful, simple video.”

-Annie Reuter with reporting by Courtney Smith,

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