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Hollywood’s List Of Most Overpaid Actors Includes Reese Witherspoon

Forbes released their annual list of the Most Overpaid Actors in Hollywood and there are a few names we didn’t expect to see on the list!

To come up with their list, Forbes takes everybody’s last three movies and calculates how much those movies made for every dollar the actor was paid.

Coming in at #1 was Eddie Murphy.  Eddie’s last three movies were “A Thousand Words,” “Tower Heist,” and “Imagine That” and those films only made $2.30 for every dollar he was paid.

Unfortunately for Eddie, Forbes doesn’t count animated movies, because then “Shrek Forever After” would have been in there and he wouldn’t be on this list.

Here are Hollywood’s 10 Most Overpaid Actors, along with how much their last three movies made for every dollar of salary they earned:

#1.) Eddie Murphy, $2.30

#2.) Katherine Heigl, $3.40

#3.) Reese Witherspoon, $3.90

#4.) Sandra Bullock, $5.00

#5.) Jack Black, $5.20  (“Kung Fu Panda 2” doesn’t count for him)

#6.) Nicolas Cage, $6.00

#7.) A tie between Adam Sandler and Denzel Washington, $6.30

#9.) Ben Stiller, $6.50 (He wasn’t on the list last year)

#10.) Sarah Jessica Parker, $7.00 (Also not on the list last year)

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