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The 5 Jobs Boys And Girls Dream About As Kids

Chances are you’re not getting up every morning and heading to the job of you dreamed about as a child.  According to a survey by LinkedIn, only one in 11 people are working in their childhood dream job.

However, one in five work in a career related to their dream job.  So, where we were kids, what career path were we dreaming about and hoping to work in one day?  Here’s what posted about dream jobs:

Here’s what men say were their top five dream jobs as kids:

#1.) 8.2% wanted to be an athlete

#2.) 6.8% dreamed of being a helicopter or airline pilot

#3.) 6.8% wanted to be a scientist

#4.) 5.9% said they wanted to be a lawyer

#5.) And 5% said astronaut was their dream job

For women, here’s what they said they wanted to be when they were little:

#1.) 11.4% said they wanted to be a teacher.

#2.) 9% dreamed of being a veterinarian.

#3.) 8.1% wanted to be a writer, journalist or author.

#4.) 7.1% wanted to be a singer.

#5.) And 7.1% wanted to be a doctor, nurse or paramedic.

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