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Hotel Aliases Of The Stars

Headed to NY or LA for the holidays and want to run in to your favorite celebrity?  This might make it a little easier if you know the fake names they use when the check-in to their hotel.

Us Weekly put together a list of hotel aliases A-list celebrities use when they check-in at their fancy hotels.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie use Bryce and Jasmine Pilaf

Justin Timberlake goes by Mr. Woodpond

Johnny Depp is Mr. Drip Noodle

George Clooney checks-in as Arnold Scwharzenegger

Kristen Stewart uses Chuck Steak

Jay-Z goes by Frank Sinatra

Justin Bieber tricks his fans by using the name Chandler Bing (From “Friends”)

Fergie- Penny Lane

Tom Cruise- Cage Hunt

Usher is Mr. Dinero

Mila Kunis uses Senor Pants

Ben Stiller is Clyde Tibenus

Chris Rock checks-in as Slappy White

Steven Tyler is I.K. Malone

Kate Beckinsale uses Sigourney Beaver


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