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10 Movies That Will Make Your Man Cry

If you think your man is a tough guy, think again!  Put the movie “Rudy” on and then walk out of the room and see if he can keep it together throughout the whole movie.  If you want to see his softer side, here are 10 movies Kleenex says with get your guy all teary-eyed.

News Track India is reporting on a survey Kleenex conducted of over 600 Australian women and the movies that gets their man choked up.  Sure it’s Australia, but the guys are rugged and tough there, right?  Here are the Top 10 movies:
#1.) “Marley and Me”

#2.) “Red Dog” (This is an Australian movie released last year and is about a dog that dies.)

#3.) “Life is Beautiful”

#4.) “The Shawshank Redemption”

#5.) “The Notebook”

#6.) “Forrest Gump”

#7.) “Love Actually”

#8.) “Titanic”

#9.) “My Sister’s Keeper”

#10.) “Toy Story 3”

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