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The 10 Most Popular Baby Names For Boys And Girls

The Social Security Administration released their annual list of the most-popular baby names and for the first time since 1948, Michael isn’t in the top five.


Here are the ten most popular names for boys:

#1.) Jacob (This is the 13th straight year Jacob has been #1)

#2.) Mason

#3.) William

#4.) Jayden

#5.) Noah

#6.) Michael

#7.) Ethan

#8.) Alexander

#9.) Aiden

#10.) Daniel

The boys’ names that saw the biggest jump in popularity were Brantley, which moved up 416 spots in the rankings and Iker, Maximiliano, and Zaiden.

The biggest drop in popularity among boys’ names was for Brett, which fell 119 spots.

Here are the ten most popular names for girls:

#1.) Sophia. (Up from #2 last year)

#2.) Isabella

#3.) Emma

#4.) Olivia

#5.) Ava

#6.) Emily

#7.) Abigail

#8.) Madison

#9.) Mia

#10.) Chloe

The girls’ names outside the top 10 that had the biggest increase in popularity were Briella, Angelique, Aria, and Mila.

Brisa fell the most in the girls’ rankings, followed by Dana, Desiree, and Denise.

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