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[LISTEN/VOTE] Kris Allen’s ‘Vision Of Love’

[photogallerylink id=32934 align=left]We told you last month that we would probably be getting the first single from Kris Allen‘s upcoming sophomore CD toward the end of February, and that appears to hold true.  Yesterday, the complete version of Vision of Love found its way on to the internet and we want you to take a listen!

What do you think? Will you want to be hearing it on MIX in the near future?  Take our poll and let us know!

And here’s a live performance of Vision of Love from The Mint earlier in the month.

What’s new on MIX?

  • The 14th Plum

    Loving Kris’ new single! Can’t wait to hear it on the radio! :)

  • Julie

    This song is hot! Excited to hear new music from Kris!

  • dd

    love it!

  • MagMiketc.

    The version that will go to the radio stations is awesome. So good to hear new music from Kris. I hope all the stations love it and will support it by playing it. Thanks.

  • Patsy

    Love it!!!

  • Amanda

    I LOVE THIS SONG! Please play it as much as you can!!!!!

  • Cinn

    I love it, the end is especially beautiful! Wow!

  • krismicklin

    I LOVE this song! It is so inspirational! Just realized that the radio station posted my video at The Mint. Thank you! Cannot wait to hear Kris Allen’s new single on the radio!!

  • Catalina

    Loving it! Great song and beautiful message! Can’t wait to hear it play on the radio!

  • Jim

    Not really feeling it. IDK about this song. Having said that, how will he ever be able to perform this live? Those high notes … can you imagine the facial contortions trying to reach those notes? Yikes!

    • Alexis

      You obviously liked it enough to write something down. Just admit you enjoy it? It is a great song and Kris will sing the heck out of it facial expressions or not.

    • Jess

      Jim, this very webpage has an embedded youtube link to a live performance from Kris of his new song. Not that a troll would notice that sort of thing when they’re busy just trying to type something negative…

    • kit

      Jim watch the live version below the recorded he hits the high notes just fine- he’s a smart enough musician to know not to release a song he can’t sing live- jus sayin :)

    • http://LOLatthetroll Stephanie

      LOL at the troll. Clearly Jim has not seen the live performances–which I believe are even better than the recording.

  • Eve

    I love it!

  • Carol

    Orlando peep hear!! Love the song, love the message! Would love to hear it in the morning when I’m on I-4 on my way to work…great way to get the day started.

  • B (@crackletlightin)

    Love how it has such a layered musical arrangement – cool intro – meaningful verses -catchy chorus – beautiful falsetto and sexy ending. Kris sounds great!

  • Aims

    I’m really loving the song. :)

  • anglep212

    Love vision of love. I was at the Mint when Kris sang this live for the first time and it was great. Kris is s fantastic singer and songwriter. Can’t. wait for his new CD to drop.

  • Kats

    The video was pulled but here’s a different one!

  • adamlamberthk

    I absolutely LOVE this song and can’t wait to buy it! Kris is such an amazing singer and songwriter!

  • Amrita

    OMG! OMG!! #FLAIL (too excited too type more) Gonna listen to it all over again

  • Sherrie Richey

    Here is a new location for the song.

  • nards

    great sound and inspiring message, what else can you ask for? i’m loving it..just thinking it can be a theme song for the humanitarian initiatives worldwide, let’s say the UN..

  • susan

    Love this song! I enjoy it more everytime I listen to it. Can’t wait for Kris’ single to drop and his new album

  • matty

    really nice tune, love this guy’s voice he’s always good.

  • kate

    I can’t believe how addicted I am to this song! Love his voice.

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