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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Bruno Mars

He’s a fairly new artist, but by now, the entire world has heard of Bruno Mars!  With his laid-back and fun-loving style of songs like Just the Way You Are and The Lazy Song, Bruno Mars is kicking some serious Billboard butt!  But how much do you really know about him?  Test your knowledge with these 20 facts about Bruno Mars!

1. His real name is Peter Gene Bayot Hernandez.

2. Bruno’ s height does not affect his luck with the ladies, standing a whopping 5’5!

3. He was born in Waikiki, Hawaii!

4. Not only is he a talented singer, but he also plays the drums, keyboard, bass, and guitar.

5. Bruno is an amazing singer/songwriter and has written hit singles for B.O.B., Flo Rida, Cee Lo Green, and Travie McCoy!

6. His stage name, “Bruno Mars”, was inspired by the chubby wrestler Bruno Samartino, because Bruno was a chubby kid.  And the Mars came along because he needed some pizzazz to add to his name and girls used to say he was “out of this world,” therefore the Mars.

7. Bruno Mars is of Puerto Rican and Filipino descent!

8. As a child his nickname was, “Little Elvis”!

9. Early in his music career, Mars began  producing songs for other artists with his production team, The Smeezingtons.

10. Bruno Mars is 24 years old and was born on October 08, 1985! He’s an 80’s baby!

11. Growing up, Mars said he was heavily influenced by Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley!

12. His parents met at a show, where his Mom was a hula dancer and his dad a percussionist!

13. Bruno was nominated for seven Grammy Awards this year, and he won Best Pop Male Vocal performance for his hit single, “Just The Way You Are”!

14. At 4, he began performing 5 days a week with his family’s band, “The Love Notes.”

15. According to a recent interview, Bruno Mars said his favorite food is Chicken Adobo, which is the national dish of the Philippines!

16. His hit single, “Grenade” was his 3rd single to hit number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts!

17. Bruno came from a large family and was one of six children!

18. Bruno was arrested for cocaine possession in Vegas in September of 2010.

19. Bruno likes ink! He has tattoos of a gypsy on his left forearm, an anchor on his right forearm, his mother’s name on his right shoulder, and “Pete’s boy” on his left bicep.

20. His favorite color is maroon and his favorite song in his collection is “Count on Me.”

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  • kierra

    Me and my friend are upsest with this man!!! because of him,, were gonna go and try out for the x factor!!! hes a hotty!!!!!!!!:)

  • Aliee

    theres 3 things that i didnt know.

  • ashley

    Y’all have his birthday wrong. He was born in 95 not 86,

    • Emily

      He was born in 86 actually!

      • Emily

        i mean 85**

  • HooliganBMars

    I knew all except his favorite food … and i knew RADICAL red was his fav color but its actual maroon its just an inside joke with Hooligans .. the ‘ little Elvis ‘ he never made it official as his nickname he always said Bruno

  • Alexandria

    OMFGG I thought all of the facts wrere going to be inbersing moments about his childhood.

  • Taylor

    Did one of the facts honestly have to be about his issue in Las Vegas. There is far more positive things about Bruno to talk about other than that. It happened and everyone should move on. Other than that the only thing I did not know was the favorite food. Very interesting :) Love you bruno!

  • ashley.

    oh my god u are sexy as hell.

    • britney

      i agree… ;)

  • britney

    I am doing a report on him for school….i can’t find anything else i didn’t already know!!! :'( help me!

    • Dylan

      lol me too

    • Angel B Garcia


  • lauryn

    what do u like the most about girls?^^)

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20 Things You Didn't Know About Bruno Mars

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