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coldplay2 Trends: Coldplay Make A Splash With New Single

Coldplay returns this Friday with brand new single “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall,” and it’s set to make a big impact on their charts. Available as a download from 7am EST, the anticipation’s building for another epic from the band.

Today Trends is looking into Coldplay’s scrobbles so far, to see how big a splash “Every Teardrop” could make.

coldplaytracks Trends: Coldplay Make A Splash With New Single

Their top tracks over the past six months tell the story of a band who have continually pleased their fans: the chart contains tracks from all four studio albums, dating back to 2000. “Clocks” and “Viva La Vida” both break the 1 million listener mark, contributing substantially to the band’s 3,546,103 listeners overall.

coldplaytrend Trends: Coldplay Make A Splash With New SingleCurrently fifth in our global artist charts without any new releases since 2010’s seasonal “Christmas Lights,” a new single should push them even further up’s rankings. Last album single “Strawberry Swing” sits at #13 in their charts with a steady Recent Listening Trend in common with their mega hits – stay tuned to their page to find out how new-release hype pulls listeners back in.

Keep up with Coldplay at their page. Meanwhile, Trends brings you the news in scrobbles every weekday.

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