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Help David Archuleta Get A Record Label!

david arch Help David Archuleta Get A Record Label!

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If you own [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]David Archuleta[/lastfm]’s 2010 CD The Other Side of Down, you are apparently one of the only ones that  bought it and his record label, Jive Records, wasn’t pleased about that.

[photogallerylink id=43194 align=left]A rep for Jive Records confirmed to the The Hollywood Reporter that Archuleta was indeed “dropped from our roster.”

While Archuleta’s self titled debut recording sold almost a million records and has been certified platinum, his latest, The Other Side of Down, has only sold 63,000 copies so far.

So here’s where you come in!  We have a few friends in the record industry and would like to be able to show them exactly how much support there is for David .

Leave a comment below voicing your support for David and let Jive Records know that you feel they have made a grave mistake.  If we can get as many signatures as David has sold copies of The Other Side of Down, it will be sure to have a big impact and we’ll pass it along to all of the movers and shakers of the record industry.

  • Strawberry

    Jive is ridiculously stupid for letting him go he’s soooooo cute AND talented!

    • Gavitacba

      I`m IN! David es muy pero MUYYY talentoso, Estoy segura de que hay muchos managers o disqueras que lo quieren. Solo es cuestion de tiempo ^^… Sea como salgan las cosas,yo siempre lo apoyare al igual que todas sus fans.

  • crm

    David Archuleta is an amazing singer & songwriter in a world of average singers with sexed up & violent lyrics! He is like a breath of fresh air!!

  • Amanda

    David is a brilliant talenet he deserves a record label that apprieciates his talent! I will support him no matter what I hope some one picks him up~~

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  • jeff

    It’s a mystery to me why David’s album hasn’t sold well. It is fantastic! I’ll always support him, he’s truly the most inspirational performer out there today.

  • amber

    get him on a label that will actually promote his album when it comes out. did anyone even know he had a second album come out because i sure didn’t.

  • Zully

    David is my favorite artists and he deserves the best! he is super talented and its a great inspiration for me! he has a great voice ans is an unique artsist! he is amazing

  • Rachel

    David’s been my favorite singer for the last 3 years. He is an amazingly talented, and nice person, and deserves to have his music promoted. He’s the best :)

  • nl

    The reason he hasn’t sold many of this well-reviewed cd is that no one has ever heard any song of @davidarchie on the radio. Some of the songs on that cd are really, really great. (I like Falling Stars, Look Around, My Kind of Perfect, Something ‘Bout Love). People should buy that cd! Plus he needs to get out on tour. He is one of the best live performers out there.

  • ximena

    David is really talented , there’s no doubt about it!
    Shame on you, Jive! If TOSOD didn’t sell well it’s just because they didn’t promote it! …
    Listening to my TOSOD right now & i know things are gonna get better for him!<33

  • daniela

    i know david is the best i boughtt it

  • Shivani

    David ia truly a brilliant and inspirin singer in the world! I truly adore him u jiverecords shuldve never done such a thing! U guys should be more supportiive of him(: David FTW!!

  • Laura

    I’m glad David is off JIVE’s roster, they were doing nothing for him! I just really hope he gets a new label soon so we get new music – and hopefully some touring.

    I say an Indie label probably would be the best thing for him, but major labels have their benefits too. Just give him his artistic freedom.

    I wish him the best of luck.

  • Kirsten

    I’m a hardcore supporter of David Archuleta, and I want to see him do well. I have faith in him.

  • Sandy

    I truly believe the problem isn’t in David, it was with Jive. They failed to promote his last album to radio, resulting in low sales. Crush received support, airplay, and is close to double platinum. The boy’s incredible and will sell if supported by a label.

  • aleh

    Obviously they have made a graaave mistake! .. well, it’s their loss!! He’s a great artist & person! His fans are very passionate and they always support him in whatever he decides to do. He’s gonna be fine!

  • Freddie

    You know what would have an even bigger impact than a bunch of fans posting here? If stations like MIX 105.1 would actually play David’s songs.

    • Tina

      Bravo….. That is exactly right!

  • Carla

    David is a fantastic singer and an amazing person. I believe with the right record label, management and promotion, he could truly be as big a star as he was in 2008. He deserves the world and so much more.

  • Kh

    Uh, that is a lot of signatures you’re asking for, but here’s mine. I love David’s voice, I love him and I will support whatever comes next. He’s like the anti-celeb, too, and that’s a very good thing.

  • blaykee

    Big David supporter here!!

  • leah

    it’s ridiculous how talented and admirable this young guy is. Everybody loves him. He is a musical genius and I honestly don’t think that a hip hop pushing label knows how to handle exceptional talent like him. He doesn’t fit into their mold and they appear to know nothing on how to handle someone with such true vocal ability. I’m never giving up on Archie and will follow his career always!

    • Regina T

      So true! David is so talented and gifted. It’s sad that Jive doesn’t see David’s talent like his fans do.

  • Tyler Mah

    Love David, Followed his career since the beginning

    • colette

      David is amazing and I will ALWAYS buy his CDs.

  • Emily

    All of this is Jive’s fault. If they had promoted him they wouldn’t be dropping him because he only sold 63,000 copies. I personally bought 5 copies of The Other Side if Down. We will be there for David though, no matter what happens.

  • Melissa

    David is such an amazing talent and it’s Jive’s loss really. He’s better off without them. He has so many fans that are supporting him and have his back! I definitely believe in him!

  • jenn

    I believe they made the biggest mistake ever. He is a breath of fresh air in the industry, and his music is different than any other songs on the radio. He’s true to himself and doesn’t have songs just to get on the radio, or songs that he doesn’t believe in. From day one, he’s been a dedicated artist and his music is genius. TOSOD is brilliant and Jive made a huge mistake by not promoting it. I hate how David’s getting blamed for sales when it wasn’t his fault in the least. The album is great and they failed to do anything about it. I want him to get the best, and all he deserves so I hope he gets a lot of offers and Jive ends up regretting this. Whoever takes on David next will for sure be happy they did. They should also know he has dedicated fans that will do anything for him, no matter what, and we make up an amazing fanbase. I just hope nonfans can see soon how amazing of a person and an artist he is and we’ll have new fans on board. Thanks for this, letting us voice our opinions! I want David to have the best! :)

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